Friday, April 15, 2016


I am not an anti-dog person, but I am an anti-dog person person. 

I have owned dogs.  I have had hunting hounds, basset hounds, one Irish Wolf Hound and two German Shepherds – I love German shepherds.

I understand the love people have for their dogs; but dog owners should understand that no one else is required to love their dog. 

I object to going into a restaurant and seeing someone there with their dog, either in their lap or on the floor under the table.   I do not understand why anyone thinks it is alight to take their dog into a supermarket while shopping for food.   I don’t understand why someone feels they need to put their dog on a leash and walk it downtown where it can piss on the side of buildings or trees and leave dog turds in the flower bed in front of the post office.  

We have a small park in the center of our town, about a quarter of an acre.  There is a gazebo and beautiful shade trees and some nice benches.   It would be a beautiful place to have lunch in the summer, but dog owners use it as a dog potty.     And picking it up in a plastic sandwich bag doesn't make it all right. 

I have a neighbor that has two dogs that bark at me every time I go in or out of my house. 

I don’t own a dog so I should never step in dog turds when I am walking in my own yard.  

I don’t dislike dogs, but I do dislike irresponsible dog owners that inflict their dogs on the public.  

I miss owning a dog, but they are too much maintenance for me at this point of my life – so I share our home with two Maine Coon Cats; but the cats are kept indoors and are not imposed on anyone unless you visit their house.

My wife says that as I get older I get grumpier – mayhaps that is the case.
the Ol’Buzzard


  1. I have always had dogs, then when the kids got older we had both..Maryjo was always dragging some stray animal home..but since I lost my last dog when I lived in my house I have had cats..first Annie, the beautiful Siamese..and now Dexter who is a batshit Main of the smartest cats out there..Maine Coons..they do sleep a lot but they make up for it when they are awake..we have the retirement apts (mine) and then across the way..50 yards maybe they have the family units and all dogs are supposed to be on leashes...and picked up after...the second the apt manager leaves..the family unit people let their dogs out to roam..I keep cat food out on the porch for mine when they spend the day outside or the feral the dogs come over here and there is always dogs crying and Dexter giving his cat version of the Tarzan yell..if I ever find out where those dogs belong I'm kicking some asses..

  2. My father loved dogs too, except for German shepherds. He always associated them with WW2 in Europe.

  3. I just feed the feral cats here.

  4. An acquaintance used to breed Irish Wolfhounds. They are (or were, maybe things have improved) considered endangered. Like many of the giant breeds, they're no longer needed for their original purpose as hunting dogs so their numbers have been dwindling. I thought they were lovely dogs, but can understand why there's a limited number of people who want to share their house with a beast that big.


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