Friday, January 3, 2014


A good night’s sleep is always a sleep without dreams.   I occasionally dream.  Often my dreams take place in some Native village similar to where my wife and I spent so many years. 

Last night, however, the dream was surreal: I opened the trunk of a sixties vintage car and inside was a raw egg.  Not just a regular raw egg, but this one filled the entire trunk - with a yoke the side of a spare tire…then I woke up.  

Dreams have haunted the nights of men from the earliest days of mankind.   The Babylonians, the Egyptians and the Greeks have all pondered the meaning of dream sequences. 


Many Native cultures from the Australian aborigines to the Indians of the American south west have viewed dreams as an insight from another realm.

Even animals dream.  Anyone with a dog has occasionally seen it asleep with its eyes fluttering and feet moving in rapid motion. 

Sigmund Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams, and believed dreams were connected to daily dramas unknowingly recorded by our id.

There have always been those who would tell us the meaning of our dreams:   In Fiddler on the Roof Tevye’s wife interprets: ‘Tell me what you dreamt and I’ll tell you what it meant. '

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Who among us has not had that creepy moment where we walk into a place or scene for the first time and have a feeling of recognition?   Could this be our id relating to a similar scene from sometimes in our past - something we dreamed - or a moment where we briefly glimpse into some parallel universe a hairs breath away? 

Hamlet’s fear of death is ‘what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause.’

 I don’t place any importance on dreams: they are chaotic and out of our control.   We are now coming to understand that our brain is an organic computer; one that we have only minor command - of what goes in and what comes out.   This computer is operating twenty-four hours a day for our entire life – downloading, deleting and storing masses of information beyond our conscious management.  

Then, when we sleep this system runs from random memory – and often we dream from flashes of synapse firing randomly.

But the question is: Why a raw egg the size of a giant pumpkin in the trunk of an old muscle car?

 I’m just asking.
the Ol’Buzzard


  1. I can't say for sure what the giant egg means, but you'd better look out for the bird that laid it!!!

  2. Interesting. I just love eggs. I've been frying them in the evenings for dinner. Sorry.

  3. I watched that movie zero dark thirty or something like that..torturing prisoners to get info on Bin naturally I had dreams about it..but my last husband and my daddy were in the dream..not fun at all..

  4. Pretty sure it means you're craving an omelet. A BIG omelet. And because it was in your car, I think it means you want to order it "to go."

  5. I know, right? I should be a dream interpreter...

  6. OB,
    I dream every night - vivid, colorful, dreams. Some horror shit, yes - some skin too. I think dreams are the work of deep sleep - Sarge is like in a coma while zonked...

    Oh, Maine is coming to Hoosierland - 6-8 inches of alligator repellant and below zero wind chills.
    Got that jug of 1792 ready. You need to try 1792- smooth.


  7. now here's some sorry shit...I have recurring dreams about plumbing....last night I had a nightmare about fixing a toilet and woke up moaning....Of course, that is what I had spent a few hours actually doing yesterday. Some of my plumbing dreams are quite surreal to the point of vivid sci fi...I'm usually quite fearless, I have no real fear of hight and am pretty good with electricity...but fear of plumbing? Yeeesh.....


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