Sunday, December 29, 2013


The ice storm last week left us with an inch of ice cover over everything.  Thousands were out of power – we were all right.

We have eight to ten inches of snow coming in tonight, on top of the foot we already have - followed by a week of below zero temperatures.

  Split kindling this morning and restocked the woodpile by the back door.   A good chance we will lose power so we have some gallon water bottles filled to flush the toilet.   We have lamp oil and gas lamps installed in the living room and kitchen – and always keep a supply of flashlight batteries. 

God damn it I love Maine.   Wouldn’t live any place else.

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the Ol’Buzzard


  1. Since I no longer have a tv, I never hear about the weather in other countries, like Maine for instance. :)
    I really cannot relate since I hate the cold, but am glad you all like it. Stay safe.
    So, how do you stay warm if the power goes off?

  2. Brrrrrr....

    Hang in there...
    It is 22 here and to us that is cold...


  3. Re: toilet flushing. You do realize snow melts, don't you? We have a couple 5-gallon pails we fill with snow and set in the bathtub when the power goes out in the winter. Eventually the snow melts and the toilet can be flushed. Any water we stockpile in jugs is used for cooking, coffee, and brushing our teeth.

    It's about 10 below here at the moment, but no recent snow worth mentioning.

  4. You made me smile. Maine sounds like my kinda place!

  5. I use a porta pottie, they don't use much water at all.It's pretty nice over here in Port Angeles, will smack into the new year with decent weather, in fact I may have to mow Helen's lawn in a week or two.

  6. Don't eat the yellow snow, but you can use it for toilet flushing.


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