Monday, November 4, 2013


We have been delinquent for the last week, but tomorrow we go back to the gym where we will walk a mile and pump some weights - we will grab a bite to eat before going bowling.  Actually, we are not naturally energetic  and we have to work at it.   It doesn't take much of an excuse to sloth out.   But at my age I must keep Keep On Trucking or the 'old man' will overtake me.  

I have a young wife and I have to keep up with her.  

We have to move it - move it. 

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. That's right -- move it or lose it! Good for you.

  2. Started walking more yesterday...


  3. You are a most attractive pair. Keep up the good workout.

  4. My philosophy exactly! Another point for Satanic Socialized in France as part of the preventative aspect of health care, I get a free membership in a great sports complex up in a town called St. use of the very nice indoor pool and professional gym. I love going up there for the pool and seeing the families.I inspired my wife to start taking advantage of it and she has literally changed her life! I am an avid long distance bike rider and I appreciate being able to get some extra exercise in the cold and wet winter. I just spent a week with my Italian buddy, Enzo, who is 73 and is an avid bicyclist....he does over 100 kilometers a week back home in NYC....but in Umbria, Italy where he is from and has a house, he is a master of the hills...he leaves me in the dust! Walk, run, swim, bike...every moment you move is worth it. Plus, it's worth it for the compliments when you take your clothes off....


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