Thursday, September 19, 2013


I am tired of posting doom and gloom:

Things I am thankful for over the next week.

1.    I think my wife will be willing to lay a little afternoon delight on me tomorrow before company comes – if not tomorrow, then Sunday when the company is gone.  (this is number one so you can see my priorities.)
2.    My wife’s brother and sister are coming up from Massachusetts this week-end and I always enjoy their visit.
3.    The Common Ground Country Fair is open this week-end and we plan to attend.
4.    Ham and eggs for supper tonight.
5.    Fall color is beginning to show and the days are getting cooler.
6.    There is still time to ride the motorcycle.
7.    Our cat will turn twenty next month and she is still in good health
8.    I mowed the lawn today: probably for the last time this year.
9.    Company is not coming until Saturday, so I may get laid tomorrow.
10.    The weather forecast is great for this week-end.
11.   We are still getting cherry tomatoes on our tomato plant.
12.   Did I mention that I have a fabulous wife?

13.   My insurance may pick up part of the cost of my dental appointment next week to correct a loose filling: Well maybe the glass is half full for this one. 

Dixie Darlin Jill

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Sounds like you're going to have a rockin' weekend! *wink* Have fun!

  2. 1. Yeah, well, I don't think she has a backache today....I get yelled at for all the vegetables I keep bringing in.
    2.My buddy from NYC is coming on Wednesday! We get to go bike riding all over the Correze! Then at the end of October, we get to go visit hem in his family house in Perugia! Right after that my niece and her friend come for a few days...then I get to go haul grapes for 2 weeks at Vieux Chevrol...finally, I got comfirmation of the date!
    3. In spite of the rain and stupid weather, the Fete de St. Cloud in my little village went on as planned! You would not have believed the tractor float parade with the drunken farm boys in drag....we know how to have a good time here...then in spite of the rain, a great fireworks display! The next day was the traditional veal calf auction and garlic market...this dates back to the 14th century.
    4. My wife is doing something with chicken and our own mirabelle plums for dinner...a real mystery to me...
    5. To much fall, too much color way too early for house is beginning to turn colors.
    6. I don't have a motor cycle, but I relish everyday with out rain...because I love bike riding and it looks like the weather is finally going to clear for a few weeks! I rode 18 kilometers today!
    7. One dog recovering from tumor surgery...she's very old, but my best friend, a guy named J.Edgar is in incredible shape., He's out there chasing cows now as I write..That's the biggest problem when we take vacations, these doggies is like our kids!
    8...yes the lawn...I hope the next time is the end...on the other hand after the last big storm, I awoke yesterday to find that the old cherry tree had fallen over...I think it was a blessing...It's cut up and split now and free fuel for the winter!
    9.I can only dream.......but for a 64 year old dude I have some pretty
    good dreams!
    10. Yes, Indian Summer here and I justfound out from my cousin who is a geneology geek that I have more Algonquin blood than I ever imagined!
    11. Ackkk gak ackkk Tomatoes! You want me to send you some zuchinni? My best melon year ever!
    12. What would we do with out our fabulous wives...I grudgingly admit that I am a very lucky man for having a wife who I freely admit is much smarter and much more beautiful than I am. To paraphrase Jimi Hendrix, I'm not necessarily beautiful but mutated...
    13. To quote the great American philosopher, Nelson Muntz...."Hah, Hahhhh" being French, my dental costs are covered 100%....I also get a free eye exam and glasses every year.

  3. I'd leave a comment, but it's Saturday afternoon and I don't want to interrupt anything.

  4. Getting laid is a very good thing.


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