Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Fall and winter are my favorite times of year. 

I don’t believe in ghost and goblins; fairies; gods; angles or devils - but, I do believe in the enchantment of place and the magic of the seasons.

There is a mystery of nature that we overlook – that we are unaware of – as we trudge through our daily existence.   Constrained by time and appointments and real and imagined ordeals we wander like zombies from daylight to dark without ever seeing the sunrise and sunset.

Intelliwench posted on her blog post-raphaelite – sisterhood the rejuvenation she felt after a vacation on a Canadian lake. 

There is a genie of loci – a genie of nature that truly exist; but you have to be still and quiet, and in the right place to see her. 

Women, being magical creatures, are tied to the phases of the moon like the neap and ebb tides.   Even when unaware they seem more attuned – apart of nature then men. 

My wife and I celebrate the solstices and equinox: to us, these are the natural markers of the changes of the seasons. 

As we approach the fall equinox it is time to step away, if only for a short while, from the pressures of society.   We should find a quiet place and smell and feel and visualize the change of the season.    There is a different cadence as birds migrate and leaves change color and a cold snap leaves us chilly in the wind.  

It is a time to be aware; a time to recharge and rejuvenate; and to realize that we also are creatures of nature.  

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. OB,
    Good post! Enjoyed it. I LOVE Fall - my favorite time of the year and we are less than a month out from the Westside Nut Club Fall Festival - 2nd largest crowd draw after Madi Grais - A food orgy. Five blocks off food booths and taco trucks!
    Please forgive this shameless plug:
    October 7th - 12th
    Evansville, Indiana

    I may even get in some pheasant hunting come November...


  2. Nice and thoughtful post...not that all of your other posts aren't, mind you.


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