Thursday, September 26, 2013


Our house: Fall color started arriving the week after they left.

My brother-in-law and his partner and my sister-in-law came up from Massachusetts to visit with us for the weekend.   I am one of the people that really love my in-laws (with the possible exception of my mother-in-law.)   My wife has great brother and sisters and we are able to visit three or four times a year.  I wish that this was possible more often, but the trip between Massachusetts and Maine takes over five hours.

This trip was coordinated to be able to attend the Maine Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine.  

The family arrived late Friday.   Saturday morning we all left in our car about ten-o-clock for the hour and a half drive to Common Ground.  

Five people in our RAV-4 but surprisingly comfortable.

We knew we would be gone the day and tired when we returned, so it was important to have a good meal waiting for us with as little preparation as possible – thus the crock pot. 

Even when we don’t have company, we do a lot of cooking with the crock pot which provides delicious fare with leftovers for at least two more meals.

Friday morning I picked up a nice pork roast – about four pounds – that was on sale.   I prepared the vegetables Friday evening – put them in zip-lock bags in the refrigerator.

Saturday morning I lined the crock pot with a layer of onions, a layer of sliced apples, a layer of sweet potatoes, the four pound roast and added one cup of fresh apple cider.   I strapped down the top and set the cooker to low heat. 

When we returned from the fair it was a matter of putting together a quick fruit salad, slicing the bread and pouring the wine. 

It was a great tasty meal, with no fuss no muss.   Crock pot cooking allows us to enjoy our company without spending time in the kitchen.

Next post on the Common Ground Fair.

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  1. Crock pots are good that way, aren't they?

  2. Does fall come earlier up in the north woods? The trees here in Hoosierland don't start peaking until about early to mid November.
    Then, the traffic in Brown County (rolling hills of forests) is bumper to bumper.
    Oh, love the crock pot- Use it all the time.

    Good post!



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