Saturday, December 8, 2012


We are now approaching the Winter Solstice (my wife and I don’t celebrate X-mas.)

As you grow older time seems to pass faster; we go from one season to another in what seems a blink of and eye (I have a theory about that; but more later...)

The point is that we just got through Thanksgiving and now we are headed into another holiday season.  

So, before it changes again I decided to share my Thanksgiving dinner with you. 

In years past we have traveled five hours to have Thanksgiving with family.  There would be twenty-five to thirty people or more (most who we did not know,) the noise level was high - the dog show ran continuously on TV; the food was great but …

This year we decided to stay home. 

My wife prepared turkey breast cutlets that we got at a local farm store, along with mashed potatoes, savory dressing, peas, squash and cranberry sauce.  

We broke out a good bottle of Beaujolais wine and laid aside a Maine wild blueberry pie for dessert.  

Me in my long johns, my wife in pajamas – we had a great meal

while watching and old tape of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow

It doesn't get any better than that.

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. Thumping up on 70 I think summers are too damn short....

  2. Nice. Very nice. And so very sensible. And comfortable and plain old enjoyable it looks to me.

  3. It's funny, I've been an ex patriot here in the wilds of rural France for so long that me and my wife were confused over which week end was actually Thanksgiving....So Thanksgiving here was celebrated with our new wood burner in the fire place and undaunted, I lit the barbecue and did a duck breast in the dark while my wife made her world famous sauted potatoes...the classic Perigordine version, in duck fat with garlic and parsley at the end You had a very nice Beaujolais-Village...what year? I have a few bottles of Fleurac in the cave, but I opened a bottle of 2006 Vieux Chevrol Lalande-de-Pomerol which is the from the vineyard I work for. My sweat was in the bottle. literally.....Americans are very touchy about Foie gras...there is a lot of what I consider hysterical propaganda that makes it impossible to even talk about it...but we have discovered the pleasure of preparing it here at home. This is the land of geese and ducks....I find it pretty strange that Americans get so bent out of shape by the hype...when you all eat industrially raised chicken and turkeys. Now that's cruel and unusual food! I now where my meat comes from and I have seen the entire process of Foie Gras preparation on the farms around here up close. Most of the geese and ducks of the Dordogne have a better life than most urban Americans. So that was our Thanksgiving treat, before the barbecued duck, we had a real salad Perigordine with chunks of our home prepared duck foie gras and dried duck breast....I'm going to do a piece on making dried duck breast on my blog's pretty easy and really good. very expensive to buy the prepared product but really cheap when you do it yourself. You slice it thin....more soon! Happy Solstice! I think I'm going to publish my choucroute nativity scene today....incredible, an entire nativity made out of pork products and saurkraut ...the classic Alsatian dish.....Choucroute!


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