Friday, January 20, 2012


I first saw Etta James live was at the Henderson, Kentucky Blues Festival.

Presidents, politicians and prominent people come and go, but when we loose a talent like Etta – it is a lasting hurt. 

Turn up the volume and


the Ol'Buzzard


  1. I heart Etta... a lot..she will be missed.

    1. West Texas is a direction...West, Texas is a place in central Texas, 9 miles from Abbott, Texas(Willie Nelson's home town) and 17 miles from Waco, Texas where the Baptists run amok.If you go to West Texas you will see nothing for miles and miles..if you come to West, Texas you will see Czech's every where...drinking beer and eating kolaches.

  2. I wanted to post about Etta when I first heard of her dire health condition last month. What a great artist. I read a story about her playing at a Lou Rawls at the Hollywood Bowl. She was going to perform one of great songs, At Last and Lou asked her not to do it, because he was promoting his latest recording and his version of At last was the Title track. She smiled and agreed and Mr. Rawls said, "I l knew you'd understand."
    What Rawls didn't understand was that Etta owned that song! When Rawls left, she called in her musical director and said,"We're gonna open with 'At Last' guys, who the hell does that motherfucker! think he is?" She absolutely tore it up, there was no way anyone could have followed her with that tune.

  3. Well, you know what I think of her, having commented on my post yesterday. And I think what you said here is even more well put...politicians for the most part are common as bad wind. But the Etta James are rare and unique.

  4. I don't know where politicians go but there has to be a heaven for such as Etta James. Who cares if there's some cussing?

  5. I was in Henderson, Ky a couple of months ago at
    a kick-ass fried chicken place - Never imagined that Henderson had a blues festival...


    Movin to Evansville in April...


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