Saturday, January 28, 2012


There are a number of post lately with clips of favorite earlier country singers.

Here's one of mine:  Dick Curless.

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. New one to me. Hank Snow was 50s not so much 60s. My first LP was Hank Snow but the 60's folks were more my kind of music, especially the "outlaws".

  2. UP Yarn:
    Sharon (my AIC squeeze) car was tits up so I had her drop me off at the radar room and tossed her the keys to a new 1976 Monte Carlo which the vile strumpet promptly drove to the club and got a buzz on and ten picked up two friends and headed down 552 - is that the road from the base to Marquette? Anyhow, about a mile later they are off in the snow - open containers, DWI - the car was okay - I couldn't get the car til the next morning and her ass was in jail in Marquette.
    She had a contact out on NMU that got the DWI and other charges dismissed and kept her from any crap on base. I was still out like $75 for the tow and storage.

    The car was okay - Her ass later that afternoon was not.



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