Wednesday, March 13, 2024




MAGA people aren’t bad.   They represent about thirty percent of the country.  They have worked hard and raised and supported families on meager incomes, their pleasures are simple, and they are likely religious fundamentalists who have always voted Republican because of the party's stand on God, guns, and gays. 


But they are low information. They don’t read newspapers, they get their limited news from Facebook or one or two entertainment-propaganda channels disguised as news networks.

For years they have been the drones that were almost invisible to the world of finance and politics.


This all changed when a black man (Obama) ran for President and found a large following. 


The mega-wealthy Koch brothers, big movers and shakers in the Republican party, decided to raise protests against the election of the first black president.   The Koch organized the Tea Party rallies, even chartering busses to carry in protesters. People who had been invisible grabbed the opportunity for fifteen minutes of fame, to yell and shout and prance in front of a camera: they hung tea bags from their hats, dressed in funny costumes, and paraded with signs of protest that were provided.  

Without realizing it, the Koch had formed a network, and soon the inmates took over the asylum; ten years later the Tea Party became MAGA.

After the election, MAGA proclaims the election was stolen:


·       The governors and Secretary of States of the five contested states confirm Joe Biden won the election.

·       Multiple recounts in each state confirm Joe Biden won the election.

·       A special council appointed by Trump’s Attorney General investigated the election claims of interference and confirmed Joe Biden won the election.

·       61 lawsuits were filed by Trump Attorneys and 60 were dismissed because of lack of evidence of any interference - One allowed on a technicality.

·       Joe Biden won the popular count by seven million.


·       Trump says the election was stolen and that he won by a landslide, so it must be true.

·       Heating thermostats controlled by the Chinese switched voters from Trump to Biden.

·       Jewish satellites used lasers to switch votes at voting sites from Trump to Biden

·       Vietnamese printed up absentee ballots for Joe Biden on paper made from bamboo and stuffed absentee voting boxes.

·       Mules stuffed ballot boxes with fake ballots of dead people for Joe Biden.

·       Venezuela’s dead President Chavez rigged voting machines to elect Joe Biden.

·       Everybody on Facebook says the election was stolen and Trump won.

·       Trump says the election was stolen and that he won by a landslide.




Trump may win the 24 election.  If he does, Dems wont like it, but they will accept the results;

But you have got to admit: the fucking MAGA movement is retarded. 

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COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."