Saturday, December 17, 2022


Trump is now offering digital Trading Cards for the low price for only $99 each. 

Super Trump

 Trump the Cowboy.

Trump the Fighter pilot.

Not bad for a man who dodged the draft:

 Bone Spurs!

I understand that there are 45 of these cards.  What a great Christmas present!  

And the profits all to to Donald Trump.   

But this one is not included - but should be.

Anyway, you can not be an actual MAGA Republican if you don't buy these cards.

They will go quick, so order while the supplies last.

You can order your cards here:

CollectTrumpCards | Donald Trump Digital Trading Card NFTs

This isn't a scam.  He is offering these cards because he loves you?

I don't actually understand digital trading cards.   I hear they are not actual physical cards, but that you receive them through your e-mail?

the Ol'Buzzard

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  1. Another card that should be included is "Donald Trump is the brand new Adolf Hitler."


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