Wednesday, September 15, 2021




Pennies are a pain in the ass.  Why do we still have pennies?   The government admits that the cost of producing a penny is more then the penny is worth.  What the hell can you buy with a penny?   What the hell can you buy with a nickel, for that matter.


The only reason for pennies, that I can see, is for states that require sales tax, which varies from 4% to 7.5% … gas tax etc.


I have a drink container in my car full of pennies.  Do I really want to stand at a sales counter and count out 49 pennies on my next purchase?  In some states I would probably get shot.  

 Pennywise and pound foolish?

the Ol’Buzzard  




  1. Canada got rid of pennies a few years ago. Good riddance! I think we should get rid of nickels and dimes too. Just round stuff up or down to 25 cents.

  2. Any time a coin is viewed as so worthless that people will drop them on the ground instead of saving them you know its usefulness as currency is nonexistent. I do save pennies in a jar that when full holds about 20 dollars worth, but rarely have more than half a dozen or so in purse -- and the only reason for them is being prepared for the rare occasions when I'm paying cash and there's the remote possibility the total will be something odd, like $19.01. Having some pennies enables the cashier to hand me back a dollar bill instead of a fistful of change.

  3. Besides counting out a bunch of pennies for a purchase, whoever closes out the register at day's end also needs to count them out. I do keep a few in my pocket to minimize the number I get back in change. Given the number of people who use credit or debit cards, I have to wonder how big a deal it would be to do away with pennies.

  4. I don't think I have ever carried any coins or paper money for that matter in years. I use my debit card for all my purchases.

  5. I save pennies and then roll them take the cash n give to the goddess for meals on wheels

  6. One Ukrainian hryvna is worth about 5 cents Canadian. They have done away with kopeks completely and paper 1 and 5 hryvna notes. Seems to be working well. Round it up or down when paying cash and no problems with plastic which more and more Ukrainians use. Someone bought coffee on the train Sunday using Visa embedded in their phone. Smarter than I am.


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