Saturday, July 11, 2020


Yesterday, I carried my dictionary and thesaurus to the dump.   In the age of computers, spell check and Microsoft Word they have become relics of the past.  

I fear that in a few decades, printed books will meet the same fate.

the Ol'Buzzard 


  1. It is way easier to deal with a technical book, on paper, right in front of me than it is an on line technical book. If all I have is an on-line source I like to print it out so it's in front of me when I'm working. I keep the print out too.

    All that said I do realize you might be right about printed books.

  2. OH HELL NO!! That was a mistake. You should go get them out of the trash and put them back on the shelf. What if the internet gets taken away from us and you need to spell a difficult word? Or better yet look up something. Books are important regardless of the internet. I will never get rid of my books no matter what.

  3. I'm with you Leanna - I could never be without printed books. I need them like daily food. I read a lot on the internet - mostly for information, but I cannot curl up in a comfy spot like I do with a book and slip away into another world.

  4. My dictionary and thesaurus are still sitting on my bookshelves but I have not cracked either open in years. When I get around to clearing out my bookshelves, they will meet a similar fate as yours, although I'll recycle them instead.

  5. I do most of my reading on ebooks now but I still have a collection of hardback books that I will keep until I die.
    Especially my dictionary and thesaurus.

    Like you I use the internet a lot, but there is nothing like a real book.

  6. Even though I think you may be correct.... the idea of no paper copies of books feels a bit too much like “Fahrenheit 451” to my liking.


  7. no! No! How could you do that?


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