Sunday, May 12, 2019



I’m a foodie.   I love good food and am willing to pay the price at a good restaurant for a good meal.    I am also easy to please as I eat most anything someone else prepares. 

I don’t particularly like overly hot foods.  If the food is so hot that it burns your taste buds and everything you eat after that taste bland – then I don’t see an enjoyment; and enjoyment is what food should be about.

Being from the south I like cat fish, raw oysters, Louisiana Hot Sauce, cornbread, and grits with my breakfast.   It bugs my wife, but I like fried spam, deviled ham, Vienna sausages and other can foods that are supposedly not good for me.

I like a good barbecue and I like my meat well done.  I love a good chuck roast cooked in the slow-cooker until it falls apart.

For desert give me pie: any kind of pie, but especially pecan pie.

I could eat eggs three time a day and never get tired of them.  And my toast I like burnt: when it’s brown it’s cooking, and when it’s black it’s done.  

the Ol’Buzzard  


  1. I was with you right up until the burnt toast, LOL!

  2. You had me, up until we got to the toast! Give that to me when it just starts to turn a light golden brown.

  3. How about a compromise on the toast---dark brown with black crust?

  4. Know what else is actually good for you? Salt. The acids in it aid digestion.

  5. I guess since I'm from the south as well, I'm with you on this...except for the...catfish and the toast.

  6. Yeah, burnt toast for me is only if I put tuna salad on it and eat it as a sandwich. I love salads. I can pass on most red meats unless it's braised to perfection and then left to fry up until it's dark brown with onions,garlic, and bell peppers and layed out over hot fresh white rice.


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