Friday, June 2, 2017


A word is a word is a word.    A word in itself cannot be bad - it is just a sounds or a scribbling on paper.  

The following are expressive expletives I find coloring my speech almost daily.  And, in many cases they are words that best express my strong feelings at the time.


Fuck you

Fuck off

Fucktard:   My reference to Donald Trump supporters. 


Shit:  I don’t care for the word shit – to me it seems nasty – but sometimes it fits.



Shit fire and molasses: An favorite expression of an uncle of mine.

Fuck me silly!   That came to me from my Company Commander, a first class bosons mate, when I was in Navy boot camp many decades ago – he also called his girlfriend his duty whore…I would never.   Actually his saying was Fuck me silly with a handy-billy (a water pack used in firefighting.)

God damn I: a favorite expression of an old Maine guide I use to know.

Asshole; I use this one a lot – especially when I am driving.

Sonofabitch: one word

And when you can’t say it, there’s the middle finger: my wife hates it when I flip the bird.

Words are bad only when they are used to hurt – but it is the intention - not the words.  

People are bad when the intent is to degrade; express bigotry; or talk to incite violence - the type of prejudice often spewed in the Bible and from pulpits and during political rallies  without using any of my colorful expressive words.



In all cases, these so called cuss words are words we have learned from someone else at some point in our life.  

My first experience with so called ‘bad words’ came in the first grade in Kentucky.   I told the kid sitting next to me, Johnny Hunt, that I knew how to write a bad word.  He dared me to write it on the Valentine card we were making for our parents (my grandmother.)   I wrote God Damn on my card and Johnny Hunt ratted me out to the teacher, who tore my card up and gave my hand two smacks with a ruler.


Most so called swear words we picked up in elementary school along with misguided information about sex; but some of the more expressive we adopt from special people we have known - sort of a connection or remembrance.

And to the people that use watered down expletive like SUGAR instead of saying shit – I would like to feed them a steaming pile of horse shit until it dawns on them that shit is not SUGAR.

God damn I!

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. I learned all my swear words from my parents. You could say they home schooled me, lol!

  2. I learned all my swear words from my dad when he was tinkering with the family car or lawn mower. Yeah, I was home schooled too and it was quite colorful.

  3. I was raised in the the time I was 4 I was quite proficient in 'blue language'..the guys at the motor pool took great delight in teaching that cute little curly headed only child of a top sergeant how to swear..I'm like you..shit is really a nasty word..but sometimes it is just the best word for the occasion..ha I like holyfuckme.

  4. my dad had, I think, the best swear: Jesus baldheaded Christ!


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