Thursday, September 15, 2016

My wife recently bought me Trudeau’s graphic novel YUGE!   30 YEARS OF DOONESBURY ON TRUMP, from Amazon.

I am not into graphic novels, but I do like Doonesbury comics, and the book was not available at our local library or book store.  

Of course, I had heard of Donald Trump, but was not familiar with him until he decided to run for office. 

The book begins in the 1980's and tracks Trump by decades to the present.   I have to admit that most of the early players in Trump’s world were unknown to me and I could not follow a connection between many of the scenes as they evolved through time.   

It was a quick read – one evening; and it made the point that Donald Trump has been the same egotistic, obnoxious asshole all his life.  

The book is worth a look/see if you can get it through your library.

I think this book would be most meaningful to people who have lived in New York and been force fed, and are familiar with, Donald Trump’s antics through the last forty years.

I liked the pictures

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. I only hope that the people of this nation with a shred of sense show up to vote so we can dodge an embarrassing and probably dangerous 4 years.

  2. Yeah, Gary Trudeau had his number right from the get-go! I didn't know he'd published this book though -- thanks for the tip! Doonesbury is a work of genius.

  3. Love Doonesbury. I would love to read this book


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