Sunday, March 22, 2015

Be quiet and listen.

There is a point in all of us
Somewhere lost in our DNA
Where nature overtakes nurture
And we are able to hear the cry
From our long forgotten past.

It is the wind that speaks to us
Beyond our cellphones and I-pads
Beyond our TV’s and computers’
When everything that consumes our daily lives
Is shut down and there is silence;
Then we can hear the wind.

I have heard it and felt it before, but each time in a place of silence and alone.   The wind.  More than a whisper: a cry, a howl, a roar – a voice that brings back a clouded memory – something through a glass darkly – of a time when I am dressed in skins, huddled in a cave or blown down shelter, and the wind outside is warning me: don’t come out – I am strong – I am nature – I am god. 

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. You're getting pretty deep there, Ol' Buzzard!

  2. one of your best posts ever! describes the feeling I get in the desert. thanks Buzzard

  3. You need to get out more. It's Spring!


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