Saturday, March 23, 2013



Yesterday evening I was taking my wife out for supper at a unique restaurant about thirty miles north. We were traveling at the speed limit on a two lane road that still had a dusting for fresh snow. In my rear view mirror I could see a pick-up and behind the pick-up a small black car approaching fast. An oncoming car crested the hill and I was sure the small black car would slow and stay behind the pick-up, but instead he accelerated passing both the pick-up and our car while crossing a solid yellow line – just getting back to the right lane before the oncoming car closed the distance.

I have been against the Stand Your Ground laws passed in many southern and western states; but, I think I would support one in Maine if they included vehicular traffic. That way when some ass-hole endangered you on the highway you could lower your window and shoot at him.

You know, perhaps that is one way motorcycle riders could get some respect.

the Ol’Buzzard

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