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Off shore oil drilling again raises concerns with the latest SNAFU from a major oil company.   A Shell drilling rig broke loose during towing and ended up beached on an Alaskan island.   So far no oil spill.    Another oil rig in the arctic seas has all but been condemned by the U.S. Coast Guard inspectors, sighting safety and environmental concerns. 

The major oil companies are the most profitable concerns ever to exist on earth.   The published profits of these companies are obscene when compared to world economies, and yet they operate here in the United States with subsidies, tax breaks and special consideration.   It is a reasonable assumption that oil payola is regularly channeled into the coffers of politicians in the Senate and Congress of the United States and to officials of other countries. 

At present a barrel of oil is selling at $93.19.   But the actual cost of oil is much higher.  When we add in the U.S. military forces assigned to protect oil concerns, foreign aide to third world oil producers, oil spill clean-up cost, tax considerations and subsidies the cost likely sky rockets to $500.00 or more per barrel.   This does not include the environmental damage to the oceans, land and atmosphere.   We can not put a cost of the lives lost in recent military campaigns, oil worker deaths and illnesses resulting from fossil fuel pollution. 

Both Democrats and Republicans protect the oil interest; but, the Republicans go the extra mile denying climate change.  

Here in Maine our energy policy requires that we produce 4% of Maine electricity from alternative methods, and that this increase each year by 1% so that by the year 2017 10% of our electricity will be produced by alternative sources.   This is the law – up until now.  

However, our Republican Governor is pushing a bill that will freeze the alternative energy component at 4%.    He states that alternative methods are more expensive than oil produced electricity; and in true Republican fashion, he says that staying on the oil standard will ‘produce more jobs and attract more business to the state.'  

Micro or Macro - at Both National and State Levels - Oil Rules.


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  1. It seems that Republicans are doing their best to try to prove that we are foolishly provoking the wrath of god by not using the gracious bounty of the oil and coal he so generously provided for us to reap by destroying our planet before he decides to destroy us and our silly physical existence anyway...
    A good recent example is Toledo ,Ohio where under the program of the last democrat Governor, they embarked on a program to convert state buildings to energy efficiency. The bill was approved, but the contracts didn't get farmed out until the new Governor, Tea Brained Kaschisch took office...of course the entire implementation got totally corrupted and the contract for the State offices in Toledo went to a Colorado Firm that installed wind turbines on top of the big new State Office building. The work was shoddy, the design was substandard and after a few weeks, the turbines broke down and have been idle and deteriorating for almost a year now, The company that installed them is defunct..there is no warranty. So, the Republican Tea brain logic is to declare that wind energy is not a viable option. A hippie fantasy....let's build another subsidized nuclear power plant on Lake Erie!


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."