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I just left a comment on a blog that posted about the George Foreman grill. I do a lot of cooking at the Buzzards nest because I enjoy it – I don’t like making salads so my wife handles that job. I also must acknowledge that I cook under supervision – my wife doesn’t abide me cooking the greasy good tasty foods I grew up with (when the adult male life expectancy was sixty.)

Anyway, I thought I might post some Ol’Buzzard cooking tips from time to time, and title them COUNTRY FRIED BUZZARD.
I love the George Forman Grill. The trick to good tender meat is thin cuts (I don’t mean lean) no more than an inch thick. Most meats cook in five minutes and fish in four. It is easy to over cook with George. There is no use buying lean meat when cooking with George as the fat runs off into the catch pan. To me lean meat cooks tough and tasteless: a nice marbled steak or chop with some fat on it adds the flavor I like - and the fat cooks off

I don’t cook with salt. I make up an all purpose substitute (or rub if you like.) I use it on all meats and it is especially good on salmon. I make up enough to keep on hand in a salt shaker.

• 1 tbsp granulated garlic

• 1 tbsp granulated onion

• 1 tbsp ground lemon peal

• 1 tbsp dill

• 2 tsp course ground pepper

If you buy the ingredients in bulk packages at a health food store they are a hell of a lot cheaper than buying them in little bottles from the super market.

This mixture is great on baked potatoes and most vegetables

As a disclaimer: I still use salt, pepper and a dollop of mayonnaise on fresh tomatoes (everything goes better with mayonnaise – put mayonnaise on it and I will probably eat it.)

the Ol’Buzzard

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  1. I would buy the george forman grill if it was called a ALi grill..haha


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