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In 1872 William West was posted on the corner of 13th and M Street in Washington D.C.   West was one of only two black policemen on the Washington Police Force.  West had joined the force after serving in the 13th U.S. Colored Infantry under the command of General Ulysses S. Grant

Drivers often sped down 13th Street, the three-mile straight stretch that ran between the city and Brightwood Trotting Park.  Earlier that morning a woman and her six-year-old child had been injured by a hit-and-run carriage speeding toward the park. 

West, seeing a carriage speeding toward him, stood in the road with his hand up.    When the carriage stopped the driver was President Grant.  West explained that an injury had occurred earlier as the result of speeding and Grant assured West he would be more conscious of his speed in the future.   Grant complimented the officer for his diligence.   

The next day West stopped another carriage barreling down 13th Streed only to discover it was again President Grant.

West informed the President that he had to place him under arrest and the President offered to drive them both to the police station.

General Grant was arraigned and released on twenty dollars bail (the equivalent of $460) which was the standard fine charged for speeding. 

Grant did not show up for trial the next day and his bail was forfeited which satisfied the fine requirement. 

This is not making a comparison with Donald Trump, because Donald Trump is an ex-President and the crimes he committed occurred, and are occurring while he is not in office, and Trump is charged with sedition and espionage and multiple other lesser charges.

If a sitting President could be charged with a crime in 1872 there should be no question of precedence for holding an ex-President accountable for his crimes in 2023.

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