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Growing old doesn’t make you smart, just smarter than you were in your youth.

That said, I have lived through eight decades, so the advice I offer - you can take it or leave it.

I have seen the environment drastically change since the time of my youth and young manhood. The water and the air have become more polluted, and the earth is warmer, causing many species of animals and insects to migrate north.

In the first Native village we lived in in 1985 we were informed that the well, which was located among Oil storage tanks, was polluted and that we should draw our water from a second well located in the center of the village.  A few weeks later we were told that the well in the center of the village was polluted and that we should boil the water (there were one-hundred-fifty people in the village and at least that many dogs.)  We ordered our first water distiller from a company called Water Wise, and have distilled our water ever since.


When we lived in Kentucky there were signs on the Ohio river warning people to limit the number of fish they should eat from the river and for pregnant women to avoid eating river fish.   Now here in Maine, the Fish and Game department has the same warning in their literature.


In the last Native village we lived in, there was a gold mine to the north and a platinum mine to the south.  People ate fish from the river and there was a high cancer rate in the village.  We distilled our water.

Likely, most water sources on this earth are not fit for human consumption without extensive treatment. To me, distilling our water is a health precaution. 




I don't advertise for any product - just share my experience of products I like.
This is our unit and cost about $350.  The unit is dependable and last for decades.  We distill a gallon a day, which adds about $15 a month to our light bill.


There are eight billion people in the world and our water supplies are finite.  There could be a future time when wars will be fought to control water sources.


 All problems stem from unchecked population growth. 

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  1. You said something about the Waterwise distillery system a few months ago and I told David about it. We bought one and it has given us peace of mind that we are drinking clean safe water. I never have trusted the city water system since I lived in El Paso and did a water study for my microbiology paper in college. After learning what I did then I have never relied on what the government says when it comes to anything that they say is safe for consumption.

  2. my worry about the water in West isn't what's in it as much as how long will it last..we sell some water to a small town near by and I worry that we will eventually run out..fuck.

  3. I haven't trusted any city water for drinking or cooking for many long years now. People with wells here can't drink the water because of the (now closed) sulfur mines close by. And I wouldn't even consider putting my feet in the Colorado river water. It's makes me sad and afraid for my grandchildren.

  4. Not on point, but pop by my blog for a shout-out of thanks to you and your wife --

  5. Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting over. Have a look at what is happening to the water in the SW USA. Water sources are drying up and reservoirs at record lows.
    The water level Ogalala Reservoir is now so deep that pumping it up is very expensive and will limit the crops grown under irrigation.
    Canada has a huge supply of fresh water and some day I expect to see American troops and tanks cross the border to seize it if it cannot be acquired some other way.


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."