Tuesday, April 26, 2022



Yesterday I spent most of the morning moving a shed.   I was short of breath and had to stop and rest a half-dozen times.   I was exhausted (eighty-plus years old).  Took a hot shower and kicked back for the afternoon to recuperate.


We decided we would order in hamburgers from the local Greek pizza restaurant.    We are still not eating out because of Covid.


I went in to pick the burgers up, and there was a father in a booth with his thirty-something year old retarded son.   The son was belligerent.   He banged the table and was shouting.   He went to the drink machine and was refusing to leave.  For all purposes he was a 190 pound three-year-old, with a father he outweighed at least thirty pounds.   The father was definitely embarrassed and tried to cajole his son out of the restaurant.  I felt sorry for the father, knowing his past life and his future life had been destroyed by an accident of birth. 


As the father herded his son out the door the man next to me called out ‘God bless you.’   My instant reaction was to reply, ‘Fuck you and your God’ – but I didn’t


I am sick of these fucking people.  


At every minute within a day a child is dying from malnutrition.   Every few minutes each day a woman somewhere is being brutally raped.   Men are beating their wives and children.   People are being tortured. Worms are crawling around in the eyes of babies in Africa – the children will be blind before age five; children diagnosed with cancer, people burning to death in fires, birth deformities, children born retarded – disease, pestilence… 


That poor man, who seemed embarrassed and intimidated by his larger retarded son, what a fucking life he must live!


Fuck that guy and his God Bless You – and fuck the football player that runs across the goal line pointing a finger at the sky.

the Ol'Buzzard




  1. I've never seen that Mark Twain quotation before but he was right.

  2. You put up a CAPTCHA. I hate those things. Anywho, DUDE! Take care of yourself! I'm not saying this for my health. I'm saying it for yours. Exercise, walk more and if you are going to move a freaking building call on a friend or neighbor to help you.
    I feel sorry for the stupid parents of that man/child. They need to give him over to a halfway house or at least take him to a place that will teach him how to function without help of his parents so he can live in this world when they are gone.

  3. Hey don't publish this but have you heard anything from the Blog Fodder?

  4. it's hard to keep anger out of my heart..and Leanna Blog Fodder and wife are safe in Regina Canada.


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