Saturday, December 4, 2021




I enjoy cooking.


I have gone through a number of frying pans during my life.  I find the quality stainless pans without a nonstick coating a pain in the ass to clean and foods like eggs more often than not will stick.


The nonstick pans I have used have performed ok for a while, then the nonstick starts to deteriorate – and there is the question of what chemicals are infusing into the food I cook.  These pans are usually some minimal gauge of aluminum and feel cheap.


One year ago I bought a Ballarini Cortina Granitum skillet at the local kitchen shop.    This pan feels substantial.  It has a rubber handle, the coating is ceramic and there is a green heat indicator dot that turns red when the skillet is at cooking temperature.   The skillet holds an even heat and is truly nonstick.    This is absolutely the best skillet I have ever owned. 

They say you can use metal utensils with the pan, but I don’t.  The pan is advertised to be able to cook dry, without any oils or butter; but I still lightly grease the pan before using.   Clean up is just a matter of wiping with a paper towel and rinsing with soapy water. 


It is a pleasure to cook with this pan and I find no shortcomings.


I sponsor no one on this blog; but share my review when I find something I like.


the Ol’Buzzard



  1. I'll have to get this one. David likes to cook his own breakfast in the morning and he has gone through more skillets than anyone I know of. He just can't seem to find one he likes.

  2. If I ever see something that looks like this, I'ma buy it immediately

  3. that looks like something i need. but i use my cast iron skillets for most everything.


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