Saturday, August 8, 2020


 I was introduced to wine in Alaska when we were making good money and enjoying restaurants.  I learned to enjoy good wine.

When my young wife and I moved to Kentucky in  the early 90's, money was tight.  I had decided to retire, though I was carrying a number of bills including two college loans.   I felt that spending time together was more important making money.    We lived tight. We planted a large garden and strictly budgeted ourselves in order to get buy.

I like an occasional drink of whiskey, and I like wine with my meals; but in Kentucky we lived in a dry county and had to travel 24 miles north, to another county, in order to buy liquor.    The best I could afford at the time was Carlo Rossi, and I could buy it by the gallon.   

Time has moved on and I have moved on to more quality wines - until the pandemic.   At the beginning of the Covid-19 scare people were afraid of shortages and stocked up on food.   My first thought was to stock up on wine, so at the supermarket I picked up a gallon of Carlo Rossi as a reserve.   After a few week I found that there was not a run on wine.   We had pasta one night and I cracked open the Carlo Rossi Burgundy.    I had forgotten how good this wine tasted.   

It seems I have made a big circle.  Now my Vino de Mesa (wine of the table) will be Carlo Rossi Burgundy. 

You don't have to spend a lot of money to drink a good tasting wine.

The next time you have a pasta meal, don't buy a fifteen dollar bottle of   Italian Chianti - try a bottle of Carlo Rossi Burgundy.  

the Ol'Buzzard  



  1. Oh, if only! I exceeded my quota of alcohol 8 years ago and can't have any more. I do miss wine with dinner. And gin and tonics. In quantities no one should consume ... ergo the quota.

  2. I'm one of those unfortunates who are allergic to red wine. It gives me blinding headaches. No, not hangover-related, LOL!

  3. If I can find it, I shall try it. We have dozens of wines available in Ukraine and I am clueless about them.

  4. I have discovered heinekens no alcohol content beer..I buy a 6 pack of bottles beginning of month and drink maybe one a's tastes like beer(watered down, but beer flavor) and low in carbs and no for me..I still think my favorite wine was Boone's Farm Wild Mountain..ahha

  5. I agree with you.... I am fine with and enjoy most any red wine (cheap or expensive) I have had... they are all good IMO. Never really liked white wines though.



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