Friday, October 19, 2018


Fall is over. 

Yesterday I woke to find a light coat of snow on the car.  Day temps are now in the forties and night temps dipping into the thirties. 
This is my time of year.

My fire wood is in and my fuel tanks topped off. 

I am a winter person.
the Ol'Buzzard


  1. We're FINALLY just getting our Indian Summer here! The weather has been beautiful all this week -- I even went out without a coat on!

  2. Yes. We are finally getting the cooler temperatures. The only problem is that the dogs are not happy because they are used to the heat but they'll adapt soon. I love this cold.

  3. Was that your first snow this year? We got ours a couple weeks ago. It melted, it's snowed again, melted again, and is supposed to snow some more tomorrow. Our woodshed isn't very full, but we're planning to be snowbirds this year so am not too worried about it.

  4. We had lots of snow here, but it is all gone now. Even I found it to be early. "They" say it will be a mild winter here. We shall see. -Jenn


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