Monday, February 12, 2018


During my lifetime I have owned 24 automobiles, eight of them trucks.   Of those eight trucks six of them were four-wheel drive.   I now own a little Toyota RAV-4.   

Those four-wheel drive trucks had bulk, high clearance, and powerful V-8 engines.   But none of those trucks handled as well on icy slick roads as this little RAV-4 with all-wheel drive.  

The wheels on this car drive independently.   If one wheel loses traction the other three immediately adjust to compensate.   I don’t have the bulk, the power or the clearance, and I only get 24 miles to the gallon; but this little car safely outperforms those four-wheel drives on our icy Maine roads. 

My car is a 2012 I bought new in 2013, along with the 10-year extended warranty.   We paid it off this year and I intend to keep it for at least another five years.   This year I am going to have to replace the front brake shoes; but otherwise it has been maintenance free.
If you are thinking about buying a vehicle you might want to consider a Toyota Rav-4.

I sure like mine.
the Ol’Buzzard


  1. My last two cars have been Toyotas. I swear by them. There are no better vehicles than Toyotas!

  2. I've had 3 toyota pick-ups. None of them 4 wheel drive. In the Winter you simply put 4 sand bags in the bed, 2 over each drive wheel and it's generally sufficient. I have a friend who has a Rav and I've driven it. It is, as you say, great...especially on icy roads. Just too damned expensive for my Scotch blood. In my arthritic old age, I've finally given up my trucks for a 2012 Camry. I find the front wheel drive good for most Winter conditions. We gave our oldest daughter our old 2003 Camry and it is still going strong with almost 200 thousand miles. Take reasonable care of any of the Toyotas and you can't kill them. I clearly remember when I was a young man and people (Americans) considered Toyotas a joke. Wrong.

  3. Just recently, I bought a used 2013 Rav 4 Limited. I was driving a Toyota Highlander which I liked a lot. But I LOVE this Rav 4. It is the most confident I've felt on the road, and trust me, we can get bad road conditions here. I agree with your recommendation. -Jenn


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