Sunday, November 22, 2015


If it were done 
when tis done 
then twere well it were done quickly

I have been running Windows 8.1 that came with the desktop computer I bought a year ago ($380 at Walmart - yes Walmart) - a good buy with 8 GB ram and 1 TB hard drive.

I have been getting reminders to upgrade to Windows 10, but wanted to wait until Microsoft has had time to work some of the bugs out.   

Well, today I decided to take the step.

The conversion took about two hours all total, but went through without a hitch.   I just needed to be available to click Next a couple of times and to allow a restart, and the program did the rest.

I am a manual person and not a tinkerer so before downloading I went to Barns and Nobles and bought Teach Yourself Visually Windows 10.    However, there are a number of Windows 10 clips on YouTube that are helpful in understanding the system. 

If you are thinking about an upgrade it is free until June of 2016.

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. I had no trouble with Windows 10. It's a breeze to operate. I did have Vista and I was apprehensive about the download at first, but once I got it downloaded I didn't want to go back to Vista.

  2. We use Windows at work but at home I use only Apple.

  3. I don't want to upgrade my five year old computer, I'll just wait until it dies and get windows 10 then. But that may be a while, my 300 buck computer from Walmart is still stomping along pretty good.

  4. My Dell is 4.5 years old and running fine on Windows 7. For some reason nothing about upgrading has appeared on it even though I have run some of the programs that are supposed to put the link in my laptop. I think I will do like BBC and wait until I need a new one which should be soon enough, another year or two. Good to hear that Windows 10 works well.


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