Friday, May 17, 2013



It has been well over a month since I blogged. During that time I lost a good friend. This is important to me because I don’t have that many friends… well one or two from afar.

Rick Kamm was a school teacher that worked with me in the Alaska Native villages. He was an excellent teacher, a sensitive person and a very caring individual. He had far more patience with children than I ever had: seeming to actually love the children in his care. He would work with the most unruly and disruptive students with patience and perseverance eventually winning their trust and cooperation.

After working together in the bush Rick and I corresponded by e-mail, sharing books and ideas until a week before his death.

I do not know what religious belief Rick held, but the way this good man died further cements my common sense judgment that religion is nothing but a man behind the curtain manipulating the masses.

Rick came down with a cancerous growth in his chest and little by little he smothered to death. Rick was brave and uncomplaining right up until the end. The world was a better place with Rick in it.

Just before my mother died a few years ago, I spoke to her on the phone. She was the last of all her friends, brothers and sisters still alive. She said she hated to go to sleep for everyone she dreamed of was dead.

Death willows away the friends and family we have as we grow old; but that is the debt we owe to nature for a long life.

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. OB,
    Good post!
    I am sorry about the loss of your friend.
    Oh, I have an ass I am interested in.
    May need those fantastic blue pills....


  2. Condolences on the loss of your friend.

  3. Very sorry to hear about your friend, but I'm glad you are back.

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  5. Sorry to hear about your friend.

    They just planted my cousin yesterday. He died from cancer. If you could pray cancer away, his wife would have done it if she wasn't too busy building churches in Africa or missionary work in China.

  6. Well written tribute. I am sorry about your friend. He sounds like someone I should have liked to know. Your last line is very much the truth.


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."