Saturday, January 1, 2011



A view from my window to share with you.

Keep your head down, avoid the news, eat healthy, don’t drink the water and celebrate the seasons.

Actually, the new year should have begun the day after winter solstice. It would make a lot more sense to align the calendar with the solar seasonal rhythm: January 1 to begin the day after winter solstice; April 1 to begin the day after spring equinox; July 1 to begin the day after summer solstice; and, October 1 to begin the day after fall equinox.

For those that say this would be to confusing, remember we have to deal with leap years and still, at some point in the distant future, will have to pick up a day.

Christmas, Easter and such – move them around – they have been moved before.

Just remember to stop and smell the flowers, the winter air, the ocean breeze – the pollution, the unwashed bodies, your dog’s butt, or what ever. Because, if you can smell that means you are alive; and that’s better than the alternative.

It is good to be alive in the year 12011. If you can pull away from the craziness and focus on the basics, this might be a year to enjoy.

Anyway, from the Ol'Buzzard

Here is wishing you the best.

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