Sunday, September 18, 2016


Every Republican claims they can offset tax cuts by cutting back on waste and abuse.  

The truth is that a large percentage of our federal budget becomes waste and abuse; but there is no desire to address it.     It is much easier to blame our deficits on social programs for poor people and seniors, and in the true Republican way push to turn these programs over to profit making companies – privatizing them.

Disregarding, for now, the obvious military black money hole let's focus on other waste.

One of our most wasteful branches of government is the federal mint.

It cost two cents to mint a penny and nine and four tents cents to make a nickel.   The dollar bill is expensive to print and the useful expectancy short as compared to coins.  A one-dollar coin would last for years and the cost to mint negligible in comparison.   Of course, people don’t like the one-dollar coin, but they could get used to it; besides most people now use debit cards for transactions.

And then there is the question: what the hell can you buy with a penny, nickle, or dime for that matter?   So why make them?

The Ol’Buzzard


  1. Don't know how much you know about us, but we used to have a $1.00 and a $2.00 bill. Now we have neither. We have what are referred to as a "loonie" (initially there was a picture of a loon printed on it) and a "twoonie". These are fairly large coins. People complained a bit at the beginning (heavy pockets, etc.) but now it is commonplace. We also got away with our 1 cent (penny) coin. Now prices are rounded up. -Jenn

  2. Why we need this much military is beyond reason.

  3. 20% of what the federal "welfare" money goes to foster children. I tell people this. They still want to cut it. I don't know what's wrong with people.

  4. it all boils down to money..war's a money maker..and kid killer.


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