Thursday, September 8, 2016


I watched the Commander and Chief forum tonight and was very disappointed. 

First of all, the choice of Matt Lauer, a man who has never served in the military, for moderator is like having Louie C K moderate a physics symposium. 

The format sucked; having the audience ask soft ball questions.   There was nothing of substance discussed.  There were no questions on military policies: 5000 military still in Iraq; arming the Kurds is weakening our relationship with Turkey; what is our end goal in Syria and how do we accomplish it; what is the greater threat to the U. S. - Isis or North Korea; how strong is our commitment to NATO; should we have a plan to limit deployments to war zones, should there be a draft in time of war; what are specific plans to improve the VA? .....   

We learned nothing new tonight, with the exception that Donald Trump thinks the President has the power to fire all the Generals and appoint new ones.  He obviously is totally ignorant of rank and advancement structure of the military; but then again, Trump’s total lack of knowledge on almost all subjects is not new.  

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. Amen to all of the above. Political debates in this country have become a fucking joke.

  2. OMG!!! I rolled my eyes so hard last night when Trump spoke that I saw my brain farting. I was so disappointed.

  3. Matt sold his soul to the company store.


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."