Monday, December 5, 2016


I am x-military, Vietnam vet.  I earned expert rifle and expert pistol ribbons and was on the Quonset Point Navy pistol team for two years.    

I don’t hunt any more, I don’t need the meat and the Idea of killing an animal for sport no longer appeals to me. 

I recently sold my 44 mag. that I had used for bear protection in Alaska when we had students in the woods.  I do feel better with a firearm in the house for protection; and so when my wife asked me what I wanted for Solstice I told her a Heritage single action 22 cal. pistol.  

It is now my habit to research anything I intend to purchase on YouTube.   There were numerous sights with some good reviews of the weapon; but I also ran into some of the crazy survivalist sights.   These people live in a make believe world.

One man said he stores his 22 cal. pistol and a 22 cal. semi auto rifle in his car trunk along with a backpack of survival items so if he is ever on a trip and the situation arises (zombies???) he can leave his car and ‘bug out.’

Another man was saying that a 22 cal. is not lethal enough for ‘neighborhood defense’ and that if he and his neighbors ever have ‘to make a stand’ he prefers a larger, semi-automatic pistol and assault weapon.   He failed to mention who he intends to repel -  perhaps the 101st Airborne, Delta force, or the maybe the 1st Marine division… or aliens... zombies?

There is a difference between gun owners and gun nuts.   These survivalists I place in the same ‘living in a fantasy’ category as people who believe in Noah’s Ark and immaculate conception.  

Ignorance is a choice today, and there are a hell of a lot of ignorant people occupying this country – it is just the way it is, and you can’t fix stupid.

Just my observation
the Ol’Buzzard

Saturday, December 3, 2016


I feel like a Jew must have felt when Hitler came to power.   Nothing I can do, but wait and see how bad it's going to gets.

the Ol'Buzzard

Thursday, December 1, 2016


This was a Thanksgiving pod cast but food for thought anyway.

the Ol'Buzzard

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I am not a flag waving, standing at attention, patriotic American.   The Vietnam war ruined that for me. 


It is quite obvious that a country based on capitalism sees its citizens as something to be manipulated.   

Don’t get me wrong; America has more personal freedom then many countries and less than others, but a government of the people, by the people and for the people, we ain’t.

We are offered the allusion of a democracy; but if that were true the President would not be elected by an Electoral College or appointed by a Supreme Court. 

Capitalism creates a plutocracy, where only the wealthy, or those supported by the wealthy, can afford to run for public office; a National Chamber of Commerce under a red white and blue flag. 

 And, a plutocracy is what we have always been.

Until now.

Looking at the appointments of Donald Trump (President-not-elected) the country is on the final step  of metamorphosing into a business organization, where the organization – the bottom line - openly takes precedence over people.

Just my observation
The Ol’Buzzard


We got a snow last night.  Not much.  Just enough that I can see deer tracks in the driveway this morning. 

I haven’t watched the news on TV since Trump was elected – and I find I don’t miss the aggravation.    I do read the major paper in the state, The Portland Press Herald, and the local on-line newspaper.   I occasionally scan the news app on Windows 10.  At my age, I don’t want to download the bad karma that twenty-four-hour that TV news rants produce. 

My wife and I are now in our winter comfort mode.  My fire wood in in, all maintenance projects completed, the freezer is full, no major obligations in the near future; so it is time to kick back and enjoy the Maine winter and each other.

I recently bought a vacuum food sealer and it has changed the way we shop.   Prior, we would shop for no more than a week.   When we bought meat too far in advance it was always freezer burned by the time we were ready to use it.  

A nice piece of salmon vacuum sealed and ready for the freezer

Now every time we go shopping we buy two or three pieces of meat over and above our need, and vacuum seal them.  As it happens, we have stocked our freezer ahead for a couple of months without putting out a large lump-sum of money – and more importantly the meat seems fresh when we are ready to use it. 

We paid less than $50 for the Vacuum sealer and we buy 100 foot rolls of bags for around $25 on e-bay.

We have all our holiday shopping for each other done.  We celebrate the first five days of winter, exchanging a gift each day beginning on the winter solstice.

I love the fall – but for me, the winter is my favorite time of year. 

A Wednesday Morning Ramble
the Ol'Buzzard

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


We moved back to Maine from Kentucky in 1999.  Before winter set in we made our first pilgrimage down to  L. L. Bean in Freeport where my wife bought some winter gear and I bought a pair of L. L. Bean boots. 


I had Bean boots before, but got rid of them during our stay in Kentucky. 

In 2005 I was back teaching in Alaska, and found the treads on my boots were getting thin.    I sent them back to Beans and they put new rubber bottoms on the leather tops for $40.     About 2012 I sent the boots back again and Beans put new rubber bottoms on the leather. 

Bean boots have soft rubber soles which give you great traction in wet and snowy weather; but with constant use the tread wears thin.   

I wear my boots almost every day during the winter, so I put a lot of wear on them.  

I figure I can get another year of two use before I zombie them again.

size 14

A good pair of L. L. Bean boots can last a life time.


Three years ago I walked out of my back porch after a freezing rain.  My feet hit the second step and I went horizontal landing hard on my back, partially on the steps.  I lay there for a minute stunned not sure if I was injured.   I was bruised and sore, but otherwise all right.

That following summer I decided I needed to do something to prevent ice buildup on the steps causing me perhaps a more serious injury.

I had a rubber door mat with green plastic grass inside my back hall to clean the snow off my feet before entering the house.  I cut the door mat into sections to fit my back steps.  To keep the door mat from sliding I placed rubber shelf liner underneath each tread and then stapled them to the steps with a hand stapler. 

Last year this worked fine during the Maine winter.   I would sweep the treads with a broom if snow accumulated, but otherwise they were care free and worked great, giving me traction when using my back door. 

The treads are still good for another year so I decided to share the idea.

Enjoy the winter
the Ol'Buzzard