Friday, February 17, 2017


I got up this morning at seven o-clock, went down stairs and started the woodstove while my wife fed the demanding cats.   

We have to wait an hour to eat breakfast because of pills my wife takes.   So back upstairs to my office, den, mancave (I hate that word- it is so prissy, phony macho) and did twenty minutes on my total-gym.  

I hadn’t worked out in three days because of all the shoveling and snow moving after each storm. 


Today we are going down town to shake off the cabin fever.   We will have a nice lunch out, walk around town, get our mail at the post office, go by the new kitchen store, and of course drop in to the used book store before returning home.  

Meantime the planet is warming faster than any time short of an asteroid collision or massive volcano eruption.    The Kepler space craft has confirmed 100 new planets.   

The cosmos is expanding and showing no sign of slowing down.   Parallel universes are being studied by theoretical physicist.  Light is being bent by gravitation, time can be altered by speed and I am thinking very seriously of having fish and chips for lunch.

Just another day in the foothills of western Maine.

the Ol’Buzzard


Thursday, February 16, 2017


Snow ended early this morning.  That should be all of it for a few days.   The weather report shows  next week with just a few flurries and temps near forty over the weekend.   All total, out of these back to back storms we probably got well over two feet.

A good three feet of snow pack with deeper drifts.

The wind keeps the west side of our house  somewhat clear.

We went into town Tuesday morning before the storm and stopped by the health food store for local eggs and butter, and found that summer garden seeds were on display.  Actually that is the first sign of spring, and it's kind of positive, with all the crap that is going on politically. to see something that indicates that life is still going on as usual.  

2016 was a hectic year for us: my wife diagnosed with breast cancer - her surgery, and back-and-forth trips for radiation treatment and check ups.  She is cancer free now and I want this summer to be a stress free time we can spend with each other and do the simple things we enjoy together. 

Solstice is thirty-two days away.  I don't know if  the snow will be gone and we will be able to dance naked in the back yard to celebrate the change of season - we may need snow shoes.

the Ol'Buzzard

Monday, February 13, 2017


Snow started about 24 hours ago with wind gust up to forty mph.  I dug out just before dark last night; again at seven this morning and it is still snowing at 4 p.m.  So far we have received about 24 inches.   I will wait until tomorrow morning and dig out again.

I have a hundred-foot +/-  U-shaped drive and it took me about three hours this morning with a snow blower and shovel to clear it.  As fast as I was removing the snow the wind would fill back in behind me and the young man that plows our road would pack the mouth of the drive. 

I just went back out a few minutes ago and had to dig out the vents to my two heaters.   There is nearly a foot of snow to be moved again.

Here are two pictures from my back window and a picture of the back of my house without snow.  As you can see the snow has reached my windows and it is still snowing. 

those views are from the window on the left.  Snow half way up the first pane.

Also a couple of pix from my front kitchen window; before and after.   Much of this snow has piled up from sliding off my metal roof; but I am a tall man and the snow pack is up to my crotch – not including the depths of the drifts. 

viewed from the right window.   Creeping up the window.

I have said that I love the winter and I love the snow, but I could use a few days’ break.   We have another storm coming in on Wednesday and Thursday.

I need to haul wood tomorrow from my backyard woodshed to my wood storage structure at my back steps, I also need to rake snow from may shed roofs.  It will have to be done on snowshoes. 

It is all a part of living in rural Maine.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

I have said it before BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR

After a January of freakishly warm weather for Maine, it seems we have moved into the catch-up mode.  
Four days ago we had a nor-easter dropping eight inches of snow, Saturday – yesterday – we picked up six more inches of light powder.  Tonight we have a blizzard forecast with winds gusting to forty knots and snow accumulation well over a foot, with a good chance we will lose power.  

We are in the 14 to 20 range

And another storm forecast for Wednesday and Thursday that could drop another foot. 

I love the winter and I love the snow.   The question now is where to put it all?   Roads are getting narrow and banks high. 

But at least it is cold and it is snow.   It is the rain/snow/sleet I dislike.

the Ol’Buzzard 



After 28 people, including 20 children, were massacred in Sandy Hook Elementary School I honestly thought there would be some concerted move to control gun access.   But instead it set a new higher standard of acceptability.

Now shooting with less than a dozen casualties don’t make the papers, or you find them on page six.

We now accept gun violence as the norm.

The danger we are facing is that the outrageous actions of the new Trump administration are coming at us so fast, that soon it will be accepted as the norm, and the bar on what is not acceptable will be raised.

We will be living in a new and scary Nation. 

the Ol’Buzzard

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Below is a copy of an open letter to a Maine Senator that I just sent out to the news paper in Augusta, our Maine capital.   

 I feel it is not enough to send letters to our politicians and to call them when a grievance arises; but by publishing open letters to your Senators and Congress persons in state news papers you are more likely to get their attention.  It is also important when they cast a vote against the Trump overreaches to acknowledge your support.

I urge you to Resistance publish.

An open letter to Senator Susan Collins.

I really appreciate your vote against Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.  As a retired school teacher and principal I readily concur that she was and is unqualified for the position.

Your willingness to cross party lines and vote your principles is the reason I willingly cross my party line and vote for you, though I am a registered Democrat. 

I was disappointed in your vote for Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, as I feel his racist background was disqualifying. 

I would ask that you take a close look at the nominee for Supreme Court Justice and that he is well vetted before deciding to cast your vote.  

This is a new era we face; and rest assured politicians will be held accountable for all their votes when the results of this new regime is tallied.

Feel free to use any part in composing a letter for publication to your state's Senators. 

We also resist that stay at home
the Ol'Buzzard