Saturday, August 24, 2019


Once a Democrat is selected to run against Trump, it is a sure bet that Trump will float out a derogatory name as a tag for his opponent. 

It is important for the Democratic Nominee to have a fast come-back that will nail Trump at his own game. 

That being said, I offer this as a possibility:

 President Trump, you surely look slim up here at the podium.  Are you wearing a spanks, or a full figure girdle?   You know, I’ve seen you out on the golf course where you look like a fat walrus with teeny tiny hands.   I think I will call you tt for teeny-tiny, or else tw for teeny-weeny………hands.

Democrats are always quick to say, if you wrestle a hog in the slop, you’ll get filthy and the hog will enjoy it.   Also, when they go low, we go high: but that’s not going to work with Trump.   Sometimes you have to wade into the slop to kick the hog in the ass. 

the Ol’Buzzard


I grew up in the south where all meat was fried with gravy on the side.

Since my wife and I have been together, I do most of the cooking.   She makes a good meatloaf, and once a year a pineapple up-side-down cake for my birthday.    But she lets me think that I am the better cook.

 The famous Cajun cook, Justin Wilson, usually started his dishes with ‘the trinity’ – onions, celery and garlic.    I use ‘the trinity’ as the base for much of my meals.

But there is another combination I like for pork: that is equal parts of sauté onion and apple.

There’s a story behind this.
Back when my wife and I attended college we took a summer course attending a week of living history at the famous Norlands Farm in Livermore, Maine.   The farm was the home of the Washburn family during the eighteen-hundreds.

The day you arrived at the farm you attended a lecture about the people living at the farm during that era; you were given a persona; and then you walked up the hill to the graveyard and located your grave.  During the following week you lived and worked as that person: Men attended the livestock, milked the cows and worked in the fields  - women did women’s work.  We lived by lamplight at night and used the outhouse in the barn when we had to go – except during the night, there was a chamber pot under the bed.   For one day, during the stay, men swapped their persona with the women: attending the kitchen garden, washing, cooking and cleaning, sewing…    All the meals were cooked on a wood stove - prepared from an old 1800’s cook book.   One of the evening meals was liver smothered in onions and apples.  After working a day in the fields, it was delicious.

At the end of the week we had to select a subject, do a research and write a paper on some local historical happening during the 1800’s.  We would not receive our grade until the research paper was turned in and graded by the Norlands history professor. 

AN ASIDE:   During our four years of college, my wife and I lived in an old 1832 farmhouse, with no electricity, no indoor facilities and no running water.  We grew a food garden, studied by lamplight at night and heated with firewood.   We actually felt like we had come up in time at the Norlands; because they had a pump in the kitchen for water, and at home we carried our water for bathing and cooking from the stream behind the house.

Though I do make onions and apples with a lot of pork meals, for cooking pork chops in the slow cooker I sauté onions and then add applesauce, season one side of the chops with Paul Prudhomme Meat Magic, and cook them on high for four hours then turn them to low for the last three hours.  They are tender and delicious.


the Ol’Buzzard

Tuesday, August 20, 2019



Trump is talking about buying Greenland.   He is saying that to distract from his trouble with the economic downturn.   He would like people to think it has to do with national security: a place for a future military base.   Actually, we already have an Air Force base in Thule, Greenland; and have had that base since the 1940’s

I am retired Navy.   During the early sixties I was attached to the anti-submarine warfare squadron VP-26 out of Brunswick, Maine.

I flew as a Combat Air Crew member of Crew-4,  on a P2V - Neptune bombers.

We blanketing the North Atlantic, searching for Soviet submarines and tracking surface shipping.    

A few years before I was attached to VP-26, a sister squadron lost an aircraft with seven crew members somewhere on the Greenland icecap.  All of the VP squadrons from Brunswick and the Air Force squadrons out of Thule searched for weeks, but never found the downed aircraft and crew. 

Somewhere, frozen into the ice cap of Greenland, is a U.S. Navy P2V-Neptune bomber with seven crew members.  As the ice melts back, perhaps someday we can recover my brothers in flight.

That is what I think of, when I think of Greenland.

the Ol’Buzzard



the Ol'Buzzard

Monday, August 19, 2019



The woke crowd that inhabit the far left proudly consumes kale and avocados in quantities that distinguishing themselves from normal people that prefer meat and starch.   Now they are looking for an alternative to ice cream.

Whole food stores are now carrying frozen deserts made from cauliflower, sweet potatoes, zucchini and even peas.   The brand Oatly is made from oat milk; Cado uses avocados; and Farm to Spoon uses pureed blend of cauliflower and navy beans.   Even whole food companies that produce real ice cream are adding veggies: Peekaboo is producing ice cream with spinach.

Come on.  We are omnivorous animals.   Fine, don’t eat meat; but vegie ice cream is obsessive.

It seems to me these people probably aren’t getting laid regularly.
the Ol’Buzzard