Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Donald Trump drives me fucking crazy.   Republicans drive me fucking crazy. 

I don’t know why it should bother me because the whole human race is nuts.   People make up religions and then go to war over their imaginary gods.   Political parties dupe followers and encourage hate and dissent for opposing ideas.    Whites look down on people of color; blacks are disgusted by white people; Indians don’t like Eskimos; Eskimos don’t like Indians, and neither like white or black people.  The list of human shortcomings and prejudices is unending.   

This is the world we live in.   This is who we are.   Yet, we claim to be intelligent creatures.    But when we appraise that statement we see we are intelligent only because we define ourselves as such.  

You only need to look at a Trump rally to view the face of the real human race.    An intelligent species?   I think not.

I have always said that if you wanted to see a microcosm of the human race you should watch unsupervised children on an elementary playground.   There is a hierarchy with a bully at the top, toadies, untouchables; small cliques and then the people at the bottom of the food chain.   It is an intimidating world that kids must learn to maneuver. 

Think of the Trump Presidency.  It is an adult version of the elementary playground.

So, what can we do?  

We can cut out the chaos and be mindful in our daily life.  We can realize that we are living in an adult version of an elementary playground; but as adults we can change the things in our life that are causing us stress and accept those things we can not change.   We can be mindful of the small pleasures and beauty around us.  We can meditate to help focus our minds. 

We must realize that humans are a destructive, deadly, egocentric species.    That will never change; but as adults we can choose to live outside that chaos as much as possible.

the Ol’Buzzard

Friday, August 10, 2018


I have been paying for Microsoft Word for years.  Today I discovered that Google offers a free word processor - Google Docs - and it pretty much does everything that Word does; except it saves on the Cloud instead of on my hard drive.    

I am using this Google Docs document to try and post on my Ol’Buzzard blog, but find I am having some trouble.   At first I was seeing a blank post when previewed - then I realized that Docs was pasting a black fount on a black background.  I never had to make any adjustment with Word - it previewed as a white fount on Blogger.

I am considering terminating my costly Microsoft Works but I am concerned whether I will still be able to view all the Word documents I have saved to my hard drive.

Does anyone have any comments on Google Docs or if I will still be able to view Word docs saved to my computer?

the Ol’Buzzard

Thursday, August 9, 2018


I grew up on Hank Williams

This is great that someone in the youth generation knows and remembers.

Mason Ramsey

the Ol'Buzzard

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


It seems like a long time coming 
but a change is gonna come.

Keep the faith
the Ol'Buzzard


I know that one heat wave does not indicate global warming any more than one snow storm disprove it.

Here in Maine we average between three and seven days each summer where temperatures reach 90 degrees, and even those do not necessarily have oppressing humidity.

This summer we are in the 22st.  consecutive day of temps near or above 90 degrees and with humidity above 80%.   This is unheard of.   Most people in rural Maine do not have air-conditions because the few oppressive days of summer usually have night temperatures dropping into the sixties.   Two days ago, the temperature was 94 with high humidity and the night temperature low was 74 with high humidity – oppressive even at night.  Yesterday the high was 88 and last night the temperature dropped down to 69 - but the dew point was 74 degrees.    It was so damp it felt like we were swilling through the air.

The ocean water on the Maine coast was 70 degrees and a great white shark has recently been spotted off the coast.  So far this summer we have broken the record in seal rescues: seals beaching themselves and requiring medical intervention for stress and sickness. The organization that does this work has run out of money.

It is not just Maine.

There are record temperatures recorded in the southwest.    California is in a decade of drought and has massive forest fires that can be seen from space with smoke reaching Nevada and New Mexico.  

We had three category 5 hurricanes last year and we are just entering hurricane season.

Everyone here in rural Maine is weathering the weather but hoping that this is not the new norm. 

the Ol’Buzzard

Sunday, August 5, 2018


In the TV series Preacher, Jesse Custer is searching for God who is missing from heaven and is somewhere in New Orleans dressed up as a dog and pulling tricks in a whore house.   Jesse searches out Humperdoo who is the direct descendant of Jesus Christ only to be disappointed.  Jesse’s hot, kick ass girlfriend Tulip and his best friend  Cassidy, a vampire, are in danger from his Grandmother who is a voodoo priestess. 

Not a series for everyone; and you would have to watch it from the beginning for it to make sense.     But, it can hook you if you smoke a joint while watching – beer and whiskey also help… separate or together.

the Ol'Buzzard

Saturday, August 4, 2018



Image result for president trump[

Presidents are not elected by the popular vote.   President are determined by the number of electoral votes they receive from the electoral college.

When you go to the pole you are not voting for a President but for an Electoral College “elector” to be determined by your party leaders (whoever they are.)

The founding fathers decided that the people were not reliable or smart enough to determine the outcome of an election for the head-of-state, so they devised a system where party leaders could put their finger on the scales to affect an outcome acceptable to the political elite. 

Here is how it works.   Each state is allowed the number of votes equal to their number of Representatives and Senators.

Here is the rub: Representatives are determined by the population of the state, but every state has two Senators.  That means the North Dakota with a population of half-a-million gets two votes for their senators and California with a population of thirty-seven-million also get only two votes that represent their senators.   This supposedly levels the playing field for states with small populations; but it also means that the will of the people – the popular vote – is devaluated. 

So, when I cast my vote here in Maine I am voting for someone that I don’t know to choose someone else that I don’t know to represent me in the Electoral College in the hope they will vote for the person I voted for.

The problem with this system is that by the end of this year, two Presidents that were not elected by popular vote will have replaced five members of the Supreme Court.     What kind of fucking democracy is this?

the Ol’Buzzard