Sunday, September 6, 2020





Fascism originates from aggressive Nationalism and massive intolerance for minorities.”

Origin by Dan Brown. 


The New Your Review of Books, June 28, 2019 publishes the review of a book on the Fascism movement in Nazi Germany, titled It Can Happen Here.   It is easy to make a comparison from this article to the United States under the Trump administration. 


The premise of the piece is, that during the Hitler years Germany was a nation gone mad.   It wasn’t a tyrannical few at the top, but a mass movement – a willingness of people to be governed by chaos.   Hitler was elected in a free and fair election.


Fascism was a right-wing movement that attacked freedom of speech, treated critics as enemies of the state, dissolved checks and balances in government and vilified newspapers using the term (Lugenpresse) lying press, along with a constant attack on Jews and Romany declaring them morally degenerate.   It was a movement of the people, of “aggressive nationalism and massive intolerance for minorities.”    This is also the mantra of the Republican Party today.


Hitler was painted as a fascist dictator; but he was actually an avatar of the people who enthusiastically supported him.

We are in a dangerous place today with a President who seems intent on dismantling our constitutional government, undermining our rule of law, demeaning our allies, aligning himself with dictatorial strong men, vilifying minorities and destroying a free press.     


Trump is only an avatar of a base that blindly support him beyond all reason.  We can’t change the Trump base, but we outnumber them.  They are a minority whose candidate lost the popular vote by 2.9 million votes, but was declared winner by a gerrymandered electoral college. 


Every voter that couldn’t vote for Hillary because of her e-mails, elected Donald Trump.   You can’t change that vote now; but perhaps this will be a reality check.  There are only two viable parties, and either Trump or Joe Biden will be elected.  


This is a time to put aside ‘purity test’.      The only test of Democrat nominees should be, who can best defeat Donald Trump.


If the Republican candidates are your choice, by all means vote Republican; but if the Republican candidates and Republican policies are not palatable for you, you must vote for the Joe Biden.

the Ol'Buzzard


Wednesday, September 2, 2020




One thing about being old is you have seen a lot to use as comparison. 


We are all seeing unprecedented fires in the west and an unusual number and severity of storms in the Atlantic.  


However, I can account, on a more personal basis, changes that have been taken place during my lifetime.


As a school age child, I was raised in the Mississippi Delta.   There were no fire ants.   No one had ever heard of them.   A couple of decades ago I visited Mississippi and fire ant mounds were everywhere.


During the 1960’s, I was a survival instructor in Maine.   I hunted, fished and canoed all over the state.    I often slept on the ground and there were no ticks in Maine.   It wasn’t until I went to New Jersey in the early 1970’S that I was aware of the existence of ticks.   Now, ticks and subsequently lime disease, are a scourge in the Maine woods.  Moose and deer and other small animals are loaded with ticks.   Precautions have to be taken when kids and adults are outside.


During the 1970 I was attached to a squadron in the Navy that furnished an airborne platform (aircraft) for scientist measuring the thickness of Ice, ahead of an icebreaker attempting to make a trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific through the Arctic Ocean.   Now cruise ships offer regular sailings through the Northwest Passage. 


When I first went to Alaska in 1981, shore Ice on the north shore and magnificent glaciers were the norm.   When I was back in 2007 the glaciers had noticeably receded, and arctic villages were more dangerous from polar bears because the shore ice, which bears usually hunted on during the short summer months, was gone.


This day and age, it is not unusual to see bag worms in trees; but this summer there has been an explosion of bag worms.   I don’t mean double the amount, but many times over.  Many trees are covered with them.  I have never seen anything like this in all my years in Maine.  I wonder if this is the new norm?


Another sure sign of change is that man who appears in the mirror when I am in the bathroom is so fucking old looking.   How did that happen?


The Ol’Buzzard  


Saturday, August 22, 2020






McCain flew an A-4 Sky Hawk on bombing mission over North Vietnam.  Flying off and on the moving and pitching deck of an aircraft carrier is, in itself, a dangerous mission, and only the best Navy pilots are assigned that duty.

On his last missions his plane was hit by a ground-to-air missile and he ejected into a lake outside of Hanoi sustaining a broken leg.   He was captured by North Vietnamese Regulars.  His shoulder was smashed by a blow from a rifle butt and he was stabbed in the abdomen and the foot.

He was brutally interrogated for a number of days and it wasn’t until the North Vietnamese realized his father was an important admiral that he was given medical treatment.  He was eventually transferred to a prison camp known as the Plantation


At the Plantation he was interrogated and brutally tortured.  With his hands tied behind him he was hoisted off the floor and beaten, dislocating his shoulders in the process.  Throughout this whole time, he kept faith with his fellow POW’s, the Navy and the United States of America.    As a political ploy the North Vietnamese offered McCain an early release but McCain refused saying he would only accept a release if every POW captured before him was also released.


McCain spent five years in the Hanoi POW camp, much of that time in isolation under mental and physical duress. 


This man kept the faith and was an example to his band of brothers.


After his return and recovery McCain visited the Navy SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) detachment where I was an instructor.  It was my privilege to meet McCain, along with other POW's, and hear firsthand his experience at the hands of the North Vietnamese. 


This country owes a great debt to McCain and to all American Prisoners of War.  


McCain’s funeral was attended by Senators and Congressmen and former Presidents; but the current President was missing in action.


Our five times deferments, draft dodging, cowardly President has shown contempt for McCain.   Trump said in a Howard Stern interview that he had his own Vietnam by avoiding venereal disease from the women he had sex with during the Vietnam era – he called himself 'a brave soldier'. 

   Trump stated on television that McCain (and by extension all American POW’s) were not heroes – that he liked men who weren’t captured.  Trump ordered that the flag over the White House not be lowered to half-mass after McCain’s death - but later reneged after pressure from the American Legion. 


It is beyond my understanding how any man who has done military service or anyone that supports our men and women in the military can back this unpatriotic, insecure billionaire that now inhabits the oval office.


The Ol'Buzzard

Friday, August 21, 2020


 Light a god damn joint, 

pour a shot of whiskey

Sit back and yell Fuck-It

Kick up the volume

And play Bluemoose

The Ol'Buzzard

Saturday, August 8, 2020


 I was introduced to wine in Alaska when we were making good money and enjoying restaurants.  I learned to enjoy good wine.

When my young wife and I moved to Kentucky in  the early 90's, money was tight.  I had decided to retire, though I was carrying a number of bills including two college loans.   I felt that spending time together was more important making money.    We lived tight. We planted a large garden and strictly budgeted ourselves in order to get buy.

I like an occasional drink of whiskey, and I like wine with my meals; but in Kentucky we lived in a dry county and had to travel 24 miles north, to another county, in order to buy liquor.    The best I could afford at the time was Carlo Rossi, and I could buy it by the gallon.   

Time has moved on and I have moved on to more quality wines - until the pandemic.   At the beginning of the Covid-19 scare people were afraid of shortages and stocked up on food.   My first thought was to stock up on wine, so at the supermarket I picked up a gallon of Carlo Rossi as a reserve.   After a few week I found that there was not a run on wine.   We had pasta one night and I cracked open the Carlo Rossi Burgundy.    I had forgotten how good this wine tasted.   

It seems I have made a big circle.  Now my Vino de Mesa (wine of the table) will be Carlo Rossi Burgundy. 

You don't have to spend a lot of money to drink a good tasting wine.

The next time you have a pasta meal, don't buy a fifteen dollar bottle of   Italian Chianti - try a bottle of Carlo Rossi Burgundy.  

the Ol'Buzzard  


Thursday, August 6, 2020


That we could do this to another group for humans
and then celebrate it
Speaks to who we are.

We can make excuses about ending a war
We can try to justify as casualties of war
But humans did this to humans

the Ol'Buzzard

Sunday, August 2, 2020



We all got a good laugh when Trump retweeted a post by Dr. Immanuel about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in the prevention of the coronavirus.    

Dr. Immanuel is known for claiming that alien DNA is used in some medications, that some illnesses are the result of astral sex with demons while asleep, and that certain TV programs and children’s toys are intended to introduce children to witchcraft. 


All of her bizarre claims, except for one, are in common and rooted in the Christian religion.  


We shouldn’t decry Dr. Immanuel’s lunacy before admitting that  Christians readily believe in a magical, all supreme being living somewhere up there; in a human who was the son of a god and could walk on water; in a virgin birth; a paranormal life after death; in crackers and wine that can turn into blood and flesh; in resurrection of the dead; and yes, in angles demons.


How far is it from a woman who was impregnated by a holy spirit, to demon sperm causing illnesses?   Demons, after all, are a Christian concept.   The Catholic church, here in the twenty-first century, still has a body of priest trained to exorcise demons.


Witches and witchcraft are also deeply embedded in the ethos of the Christian church.

So, a Christian criticizing Dr. Immanuel is like Baptists criticizing Methodists, criticizing Catholics, criticizing Jehovah’s Witnesses, criticizing Presbyterians…   It’s all in the same circus tent.  


People who believe in aliens and UFO’s are often seen as nut cases because they believe that from hundreds of billions of galaxies, containing hundreds of billions of stars that are orbited by billions of billions of planets, some of those planets could produce life forms that are more advanced than humans. 


Aliens, that’s plausible.  Alien DNA; yeah, that is nutty.  


the Ol’Buzzard