Sunday, December 1, 2019


Some might say Romeo and Juliet

 High on my list would be Lara and Dr. Zhivago.

But in my opinion it would have to be Morticia and Gomez

Gomez is who I pattern my marriage relationship on.

 Caramia my wife
the Ol'Buzzard


Wednesday the 27th a snow/ice/rain storm began about 7 pm.  Trees and power lines were coated with ice.  We lost electricity at 11 pm.   I was up every two hours over night to feed the wood stove.   The power was finally restored at 2 pm on Thanksgiving day.  

On Friday the 29th we cooked our Thanksgiving meal and were thankful we had power. 

Power good
No Power bad
The Ol’Buzzard

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Monday, November 25, 2019

Saturday, November 23, 2019


Dave Mallett is Maine's own ballad singer and song writer.   

My wife and I have a karmic experience with Dave Mallet.   We first heard him in 1982 when he played a concert at the University of Maine,where we were students.   

 In 1985 we were due to graduate, and to celebrate we went to an exclusive dinner at One Stanley Avenue, the home of the man who invented the Stanley Steamer.   After the dinner we went into the small living room and Dave Mallett and his base player played for our small group - a very personal experience.

A few weeks later we loaded our small Toyota truck and headed for Alaska.  As we pulled out of the driveway I plugged in a tape we had purchased at One Stanley Avenue and Dave Mallet sang us off with North to Alaska.   

Eight years later we left Alaska.   We were listening to Alaska Public Radio and at the exact moment we crossed the border from Alaska to North West Territory Dave Mallett came on the radio - my wife and I looked at each other in amazement.

Our first summer back in Maine we attended the Common Ground Fair, and that night, to our surprise, Dave Mallett was playing at the Fair Grounds.

Since that time we have attended concerts when ever Mallett played in our area.

We have all aged.

The music of Dave Mallett has marks some important moments in our life.
the Ol'Buzzard

Thursday, November 21, 2019


I am some disgusted with military veterans that show allegiance to Donald Trump.   A man who received five deferments from service in Vietnam: four rich kid school deferments and a medical deferment claiming bone spurs. 

On a talk show with Howard Stern, Trump was asked about avoiding venereal disease after sleeping with numerous women.  Trumps answer was, “It is a dangerous world out there.  It’s scary like Vietnam.  It’s my personal Vietnam.  I feel like a great and very brave soldier.”

 1959 to 1975, 58,479 brothers and sisters never returned from Vietnam.   Not a joking matter.

During his election campaign Trump denigrated John McCain by saying, “He’s not a hero.  He’s a hero because he was captured.  I like people that weren’t captured.”

McCain spent five years as a POW.  While being interrogated, with his hands tied behind and hoisted from a ceiling, McCain was beaten, sustaining a life-long injury.  McCain kept the faith with his fellow POW’s refusing a release when offered, until all other captives were released in order. 

Trump’s statement “I like people that weren’t captured” is a spit in the face of every man who ever sacrificed his freedom for this country as a POW.

This cowardly draft dodger, during his campaign, disparaged a Gold Star family that gave their son to the ranks of brave heroes that have served this country and will never return.

Now Trump attacks a military man who wears the purple ribbon signifying a soldier who has bled for this country – a man whose brothers all served in the arm forces of the United States. 

This bloviated, bellicose coward, who was designated Commander in Chief by a flawed Electoral College after losing the election by three million votes – the same coward that quaked in fear when the aircraft lights were turned off prior to landing at his one visit to troops in a war zone; has no claim to allegiance from military veterans. 

the Ol'Buzzard
retired Navy
Vietnam vet

Monday, November 18, 2019



A quote from George Carlin

I didn’t wash today.  I wasn’t dirty.  If I’m not dirty I don’t wash.   Some weeks I don’t have to shower at all.   I just groom my three basic areas: teeth, hair and ass hole.   To save time, I use the same brush.