Sunday, January 29, 2017


Why call it a laptop?   Nobody types with a laptop in their lap.   Why not just call it a portable?

I don't use a laptop, but my wife has one on her desk.      When I try to type on her laptop the mouse pad in front of the keyboard is a pain in the ass.   Why don't they put the mouse pad behind the keyboard.  It would make typing easier.

Just a suggestion
the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Don't know why they are called laptops. Actually they are Notebook computers. I hate the mouse pad and turn it off if I can, using a portable mouse. My notebook does double duty as a desktop with a large stand alone monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse. then if I need it for work it gets unhooked and stuffed in my briefcase. With my new phone, I dont even take my computer now unless it is for work.

  2. I have my laptop in my lap as I am typing this.

  3. For me, the big problem with the touchpad is "tapping". My thumbs always touch the pad unintentionally and cause the cursor to jump all over the screen. Turn tapping off in Control Panel->Mouse

  4. the bottom shouldn't be flat should have two adjustable curved arches to fit over your thighs..

  5. I really had to get used to mine, but now I lounge around with it in my lap. I have a desktop at work, I feel like I'm bilingual or something.


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