Monday, January 16, 2017


I have made a mistake – I gave up.   It was the result of traumatic stress caused by the election of Donald Trump as President.  

My intention was to pull away completely from everything political – avoid listening to the news or reading anything pertaining to post election and the Republican Parties’ plans for the rest of us. 

Now I have had time to adjust, and I realize that we are not helpless, that situations are not beyond our control.   That we must resist. 

The way for each of us to resist is not to just complain on our blogs to like-minded people; but to publish resistance pieces in letters to the editor, in all the local papers and internet news sites within our area.

Every time the Republicans make a move that benefits the mega-wealthy or infringes on human rights we should point it out.  

The Republican voters live in a fact free bubble and the only way to break that bubble is to constantly attack it with facts and logical arguments. 

Today I sent my first resistance letter to the editor to five news outlets here in the state of Main.     I am including it.   Feel free to pirate it or any part, and join in resistance publishing.
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Republicans are now in control of our government and we will all have to wait to experience the outcome. 

The Republican Party is the party ‘of the wealthy and for the wealthy’.  Their motto has always been smaller government.   The aim of smaller government is to limit federal expenditures, thus requiring less tax revenue from the wealthy.       

Republicans have pulled a bait and switch on voters who vote on single issue policies: gun control, abortion, religion etc.   They willingly placate these voters for their vote in order to gain control of government; but once in control legislate policies that benefit the wealthy.

 Republicans have always desired to do away with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid by turning these programs over to private industries.   Now they have the government trifecta necessary to end these programs as we know them.

At this time Republican politicians are lining up.  Their first order of business is to do away with affordable government health care.   Next will be to gut Social Security and Medicare.    

Republican Congressman Sam Johnson (R-Texas), chairman of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security, has already offered a plan that consist of massive cuts for Social Security beneficiaries.  His plan would cut benefits for all but the lowest earners; it would raise retirement age to 69 and reduce cost-of-living adjustments.

I marvel how middle income working people have bought into the Republican purpose.   It is the Democratic Party that gave us Social Security, gave us Medicare and supported unions, which resulted in better working conditions and higher pay.    The only thing the Republicans have ever offered is tax cuts, which disproportionally benefit the wealthy.  

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  1. Good for you, OB! "Resistance publishing" -- I like that phrase!

  2. Love it.

    We also all need to show up in person when Congress critters hold town hall meetings. They need tangible reminders of just who it is they represent.

  3. I was watching the news last night. It seems that all across the nation town hall meetings are out of control. Those that are worried that ACA will be overturned and they will end up with nothing. They are yelling that they want SS and Medicare left alone. People are going crazy. I saw Paul Ryan's home address was given out on Twitter because he's not taking office phone calls or mail. The guy giving the address out called everyone to action to mail postcards and letters to Ryan asking not to repeal ACA, SS, or Medicare. All I can say is the republicans wanted it, they got it. I hope they aren't able to sleep because of it.

  4. I keep repeating, the Trumpanzees do not care how badly they get hurt as long as the people they hate get hurt worse. You can spout logic and facts until you are blue in the face. But I agree that you really have no option but to keep nailing them at every turn with the truth. Good luck, America.

  5. It's going to be a long four years, but the good news is that people are going to be paying a lot more attention from now on.

  6. The wealthy are expert manipulators. Look at how they persuade people to vote against their own interests. How do we oppose them? It's getting harder and harder.


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."