Monday, January 16, 2017


My wife and I were really hoping that the Cowboys would play the Patriots in the Super Bowl.  

We were pulling for the Cowboys last night when the score was tied and Green Bay kicked a winning field goal with sixteen seconds left in the game.  My witchy wife even tried to hex the ball, but it did no good.  I believe I heard you scream’ Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!’  all the way up here in Maine.  

Anyway, we were thinking of you.

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. If I cheer for American football, it is for the Packers. It has to do with a joke. "The only people who live in Green Bay are hookers and football players". "My wife is from Green Bay". "What position does she play?"

  2. I knew YDG was in mourning over this game, but I wasn't aware of the hideous details of the loss. Oh my! That's a tough way to lose.

    Hey, Blog Fodder, love that joke, LOL!

  3. I still feel the pain..
    I was screaming mother fucker and fuck and mother fucker..toward the last minutes some young kid (I'm in a bar full of cowboys fans and he's the lone Packers fan) said 'enough with the fucks...I slowly turned around moved my chair till I was right in his face and calmly said 'yeah, well fuck you too mother fucker.'..someone led him off by the arm to safer territory.

  4. You got one thing wrong. It was 3 seconds left on the clock. It was an amazing kick, especially when he had to do it twice.

    Lots of happy dancing here. The S.O. is a Packer shareholder. We love the Packers -- the only team in the NFL owned by ordinary people instead of rich assholes. And I have zero sympathy for the Cowpukes after watching one of their defensive cornerbacks repeatedly try to horse collar receivers. If you can't win without playing dirty, a team deserves to lose.

    One thing that did hit me about the game was Dallas did a nice job of beating themselves. Their technical errors (too many men on the field, for example) provided the edge that allowed Green Bay to win.


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