Monday, January 2, 2017


It is funny how sometimes a blog you write will bring back forgotten memories.

In my last blog I mentioned running naked through Jacksonville, Florida.  Actually I have done it more than once.

This was during the time the song The Streak was popular.   I was in the Navy and stationed at NAS Jacksonville.   My buddy Tudor, a big red headed dude who was always game for a good time, was usually my partner in crime.   There was a Limey Chief that had been temporarily attached with our unit.  He was headed back to England at the end of the week. 

Tutor and I had been drinking and it seemed like a good idea to streak the Chief as a departing memory for working with Yanks.  We got naked, put on raincoats with combat boots, and had Tudor’s wife drive us to the Chiefs apartment.  We knocked on the door, and when he answered we threw off our coats started screaming and took off down the steps. 

 As I said, we had been drinking.

 Tudor’s wife had parked further down the road, so when we reached the car I jumped into the back seat, but Tudor ran right past the car and started down a one-way street naked as a jay-bird and still yelling.  We had to circle the block and head him off, to get him back in the car.

I have lost track of Tudor, and my wife would probably say that is a good thing.    

But Tudor, where ever you are, I am thinking of you man and I'll have a drink to you tonight.  


  1. oh i'd love to have seen that..uh...with the ok from Mrs. Ol'buzzard

  2. Good thing you didnt trip. You might have pole vaulted into the next yard


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