Saturday, January 28, 2017


You can forget Harbrace College Handbook or Strunk and White Elements of Style as your definitive writing reference guides.  The best book I have run across, and the book I most often use when writing or grammar questions arise is the Writer Source 2000.   This is a junior high school guide to writing, thinking and learning; and the most understandable, convenient and definitive book on writing in my library.   It is available used through Amazon for as little as four dollars.  

If I only had one writing guide, this would be my pick.
the Ol’Buzzard


  1. I just looked on Amazon, a recommended reference book for a skill that I use & can us a lot of help with for just $4? It's a no brainer... it also didn't show up.
    I did more looking (google) & found it-

    It's on the way, thanks!

  2. I'll have to check that out. At least it's within my budget.

  3. Hope it is on Kindle else, need to make alternate arrangements but it looks like what I need

  4. we should send a copy to der trump


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