Wednesday, January 3, 2018



We have had more than a week of below zero weather here in western Maine – I am not complaining because that is part of the package we have chosen. 

There is a weather system coming up the coast that is supposed to affect us with blizzard conditions tomorrow.

Today temps have come up reaching twenty and tomorrow is forecast at twenty-six; but with snow falls of two to three inches per hour and wind gust up to fifty miles-per-hour.     

During the heavy snow there will be whiteout conditions and large portions of the state are expected to be without power as a result of the wind.

This is a hunker-down time.  Our wood supply is in, we have plenty of food in the house, a supply of bottled water; and battery, oil and gas lamps.  We have done this before.

I got extra gas for the snow blower today; but probably won’t dig out until Friday.

This is unusual weather for this time of year.   Temperatures and storms of this nature are common in late January and February – but not this early.

Must watch out for the white walkers tomorrow!
the Ol’Buzzard




  1. Enjoy the the storm, warm & happy in your house!

  2. Do you have Dragon Glass? When commented on my blog earlier about your little stove pumping out heat, my mind immediately went into cartoon mode and I laughed because I saw a cartoon pot bellied stove dancing in the middle of a room with a big smile on it's face.
    I really have to get my meds checked.


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