Monday, January 22, 2018


This year in Maine was the hottest year on record, beating last year’s record, and beating the record from the year before – each the hottest.

This month the weather has been nutz.   We started this month with snow, and about three weeks with day temps in the single numbers and night temperatures dropping below zero.   That weather is more common in February than January.   

The last week or so we have had rain with temperatures in the upper thirties and forties during the day and nights dropping just below freezing.

Tonight, we are predicted to receive three to five inches of snow and tomorrow a front comes in and will drop up to one inch of rain. 

We have had ice out on the frozen rivers and lakes followed by flooding, then refreeze; and tomorrow probably ice out and flooding again.

So far, we have had twelve snowmobiles go through the ice; but no deaths.

The snow banking my house is pretty much gone; and I count on that during the winter to protect my crawl space from freezing. 

I am having to wear ice cleats on my boots whenever I go outside.    Last week I took a fall in the driveway – but had on so many clothes I just bounced. 

I am a winter person.   I love the winter; but this year is fucked up.

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. Things have been getting weirder for quite a while now. We had a cold snap for a few weeks and now it is warm again, some days getting above freezing. Last winter we had rain in every month. That was a new phenomena. Very strange.

  2. We're in a similar pattern but are staying a little cooler. I was worried about the storm that's rolling through here now because it was predicted to be the wet kind of snow. Fortunately, temps have been low enough (at least up where we live) that it's falling as the dry kind. A couple days ago we had three days in a row of highs in the upper 30s, low 40s, then it dropped to the teens, which is where we are now -- but the five day forecast shows it as hitting 40 again on Saturday. Definitely weird weather. Glad I'm retired and don't have to do much driving -- the UPS driver said yesterday afternoon the roads were pretty nasty because there was freezing rain farther down the hill (the cutoff between freezing rain and actual snow tends to happen at about the 1000 foot elevation and we're almost 700 feet higher than that).

  3. Speaking of falling, the S.O. and I invested in Yaktrax. Definitely worth what they cost.

  4. I'm guessing spring will be an on again off again thing this year too. We are in the middle of a semi-warm spell. It's around the low 40's at night and the high 60's in the day. This is early winter weather (November) for us. Strange days, people.

  5. my ideal weather is 70 degrees ..all year around


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