Monday, January 15, 2018


I was raised in the Mississippi delta in a little town called Rolling Fork.   Mississippi at that time was the heart of segregation.  The only thing Rolling Fork is known for, is as the home of Muddy Waters; but Muddy Waters would have had to step into the road and look at the ground if a white woman was approaching on the sidewalk. 

I have no warm memories of living in the Mississippi delta, but I have always had a warm spot for Delta Blues singers.  

Denise LaSalle , of my generation and born in Leflore county, Mississippi , recently died.   At age thirteen she moved to Chicago and eventually got into the music business.  

She will be missed by those of us who have grown up with the blues.

If you have a headset you might want to put it on and kick up the sound.

Denise was a popular performer in the black clubs in the early days and some of her songs were sexually explicated.  Here she tells us to treat your woman like a postage stamp.

A true lady that grew up in the height of racial bigotry and discrimination; but did it her way.

The generation of the of the roots of the Delta blues and R&B is passing by.

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. "Lick it before you stick it" -- advice that is as good today as it was back then! And I like the sly little lesbo reference at the end of the song.

    RIP, Queen of the Blues.


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