Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Kids today are born with a special DNA strand for technology usage.

People of my generation – somewhere between World War II and Vietnam (note: here in the U.S. we can always distinguish time periods as between wars) – have had to make the transition to technology from an era when black and white television was the new innovation.

This week I was trying unsuccessfully to down load a clip from YouTube to my blog.  That same day I noticed that SQUATLO was displaying the clip (John Oliver’s roast of Trump) on his site.  I left him a comment asking how he had managed and he answered that he embedded by copying the HTML.

Now most men my ages understand the web to be a marvelous invention that allows you to access porn without an eight millimeter projector – and if you are old enough you will know what I am talking about.

However, something called HTML is a total mystery.
But the WEB is a marvelous place and recently I have discovered that anything I need to know can be found on YouTube.    So off I go to YouTube and ask how I can embed video in a blog using HTML – and the first one up gave the answer.

In case there is anyone out there besides me that doesn’t know how: you find your clip on YouTube; you right click and select - copy HTML; you go back to your blog post and select paste.   That's it!

Technology is wonderful: now all I have to do is go to YouTube and find out how to text with my new cell phone. 

It is all a learning curve - an adjustment to a Time Warp.

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. I'm 60 and I manage pretty well with the technology as long as my four year old granddaughter is around to show me what to do !

  2. Now you just have to learn how to pick different size options for the video or adjust the HTML so that the video fits your blog column size. Blogger might have tutorials on that. If not and you want to know how, email me and I'll email you back with a step-by-step description.

    1. Yes, please - any help would be appreciated/

    2. Okay, I'll send you an email on the weekend when I have the time to draft up the instructions!

  3. The HTML size for the Time Warp video says 854" by 480" you can change that size to fit your page if you want me to teach you how. I have no problem with HTML it's easy once you figure it out. I'll teach you how so email me if you want to know.
    BTW, The cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Celebrated their 40th anniversary last year in October at the Royal Albert Hall in UK. Wish I could have been there. I would have dressed in my French maid costume one more time for that. (I used to go to the weekly midnight showing of TRHPS and participate on stage in front of the movie screen like the other nut cases) BWAAHAHAHAAAA!!

  4. I truly understand a lot of what you are saying. I work in a large Boston law firm, so I've had to learn a great deal, but there is much I don't know because I can call a very talented help desk and get answers. My folks had the first TV on our street and my mom would call the lady across the street at a designated time and everyone else would pick up their party line and they'd discuss what to bring to our house to watch Milton Berle (first conference calls!). I also find YouTube helpful, particularly when I don't want to call my son and get attitude from him!

  5. Excellent post. Love the kitty porn image and I miss Leave it to Beaver in B&W. And nothing makes me feeler older than watching my daughter and her husband to be exchange messages across the living room while I am trying to watch a game.

  6. I've been able to embed videos to my blog by using html and now you can load videos from YouTube using blogger. To use html I switch from compose to html and paste the embed code for the video. To load from YouTube click on the video icon and search for the video on YouTube. There is probably a video on YouTube to show you how.

    Yesterday I found a video on YouTube showing how to turn off the maint reqd light on my friend's Toyota Tundra. He had changed oil and needed to turn the light off until the next time he needs to change oil.

  7. someone told me to just click on link on top of my post and then copy paste video into great.

  8. I have a picture of my then two-year old granddaughter working a smart phone. Now she is three, scoffed her big sisters tablet and won't give it back. I too once worked in a place with an IT department. Their job was to prevent you from getting the hardware and software that you needed. When I went independent I had to learn how to do stuff myself. Only now once in a while I need a specialist and I find them on line. I refuse to buy a smart phone or a tablet as I have enough problems running a PC.


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