Thursday, March 10, 2016


Eugenics (NOUN): science dealing with improvement of hereditary qualities.

Just as the Republican party is responsible for the advent of Donald Trump on the Republican political stage; the Democratic party is responsible for the dumbing down of the Tea Party base of the of the Republican electorate.

It is well known that Republican men have this creepy fascination with what happens inside the vagina of young women – and especially with impregnation and zygote development; but they don’t give a Flanders damn about what happens outside the vagina - the birth of a child and its subsequent health and welfare. 

It is the Democratic Party that champions the health and welfare of children and adults.    Democrats have enacted laws that make food safe and available for those that can’t feed themselves, to improve medical facilities and medical procedures, to support drug development to fight disease, to have special education a requirement for schools, to protect coal miners and people working in hazardous industries, and to require safety belts and helmets and air bags for people on the move.   

The problem is that with all their well-meaning, Democrats have thwarted the natural selection of eugenics.   

 The human race survived up to this point because nature thinned out the stupid, reckless, sick and fucktards of the human race leaving those most adaptable to adjusting to change to carry on the gene pool.


When Ugg dropped his loin cloth and mooned a Tyrannosaurus Rex, nature made sure that his bloodline would end; 

but when Winston III drops his pants in the middle of the freeway to moon an oncoming Lexus full of his friends, the automatic collision avoidance and the anit-lock brakes engage to insure that young Winston will live to produce progeny with the same lack of common sense and survival response.

To correct this, we need to let the Republicans dismantle all safety and support regulations.

911 should have a policy that when someone calls that the bungee cord broke and young Jake is at the bottom of the canyon under the bridge the operator should switch to a recording that says, ‘your call is important to us but we must respond to calls of non-self-inflicted emergencies first, so enjoy this elevator music while I place you on hold.’

When Marcus reports to the emergency room with six gerbils stuck in his ass the hospital should charge him $500 and send him home with a coat hanger.

When Billy Bob accidentally shoots his kid the 911 operator should transfer his call to the NRA.

When Chuck drives his motorcycle off the road and hits a tree at 70 miles per hour.    His parents should have to pay to have his decapitated body taken to the morgue.

And let’s not forget the octomom who should be denied all welfare until she has eaten at least six of her children. 

This may sound drastic, but the world is overpopulated with stupid people, and the majority of them in this country make up the Republican base. 

If the American political system is ever going to regroup again and prevent America from devolving into a third world cluster fuck, then natural selection should be allowed to work as intended, eventually erasing the idiot base that vote in the Republican Party and allowing government to function efficiently.

It is simply Science.
the Ol’BUzzard



  1. Yes, we must take the blame for the enabling of these "humans" to survive. In our desire to help the less fortunate we have accidentally allowed them to breed into nuisance quantities. We must allow nature to take its course without damaging the thinking portion of humanity.

  2. The problem with your theory is that Darwinism isn't very efficient. A lot of the dumb fucks breed before they remove themselves from the gene pool!!

  3. Your solution is on the tough love side. Not very "Democrat" of you. Of course that could be because of the rubbing of too many Republican shoulders over the years.

  4. The guy knocking down the silo survived. And it is not survival of the fittest, it is survival of the quickest to adapt to a new environment. Maybe it is the same thing. Single or otherwise mom's of eight kids don't cost your precious tax dollars near as much as the corporate CEO's but no one seems to hate them near as much. Funny thing, that.


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."