Sunday, March 6, 2016


A recent cat snuff film that is on YouTube I find very disturbing.   A cat is coaxed into a cardboard box at the top of the stairs with a laser – the box appears to have a small flash charge in the front of the box – The box slides down the steps with the cat in it and then explodes in a burst of flames.    I have watched it a couple of times and the explosive fire ball does seem to emanate from the box.  You have to ask yourself, did the cat die in the explosion or later from burns. 

There is something really sick about people who torture animals.   I have known a dysfunctional family with five kids: the oldest in jail for hitting a teenager in the head with a hammer; the second oldest, a daughter, was sent to juvenile detention for attacking a girl with a knife; the eight and ten year old were told by their parents to kill  a litter of unwanted puppies, so they stuck a stick in the anus of the puppies and use the stick as a catapult to hurl the puppies against trees – then had batting practice with the dead or almost dead puppies; the ten year old was later sent to juvenile for beating a classmate girl with a stick,  and the eight year old shot his six year old brother in the hip with a 22 rifle in an argument over a video game.

I think the most telling thing about this family was their callousness for cruelty against innocent animals.   It is an indicator of dangerous antisocial tendencies.

I know there is a visceral dislike by many people for cats – mostly men; and I believe it comes from a need to control – cats being the only domestic animal that will not bend its will to please a ‘master.’   Men sometimes have such strong dislikes for certain animals that they will kill them; but torture for fun is another step beyond the mere unacceptable.

We are omnivores, descendants of scavengers, so meat eating is part of our heritage.   People no longer need to hunt for food, but still kill animals for ‘sport.’    However, hunters kill fast and do not torture.

 As omnivores we still scavenge for food, except now we go to McDonald’s for a triple cheeseburger instead of feasting on the carcass of a dead wildebeest left by a lion pride.   

It does speak to the callous nature of the human race when we see kids or animals allowed to get hurt so that it can be filmed and placed on social media; but torturing an animal for fun is a whole other aberrant behavior beyond our omnivore or calloused instincts.  It speaks to a twisted and dangerous personality. 

the Ol’Buzzard



  1. That gif of the cat in the exploding cardboard box was photoshopped, Ol' Buzzard. Otherwise I would never have posted it.

    1. I knew you wouldn't post something showing cruelty to animals, you are an animal lover. But the video took me back to the dysfunctional family that I had to deal with at one point. The comments surely weren't meant as a comment on you or your blog.
      Sorry if I caused you pain.
      the Ol'Buzzard

  2. Our so called civilization is responsible for creating these monsters. Animals in the wild don't torture their prey. The family you describe sounds like to sociopaths got married and had children.You can't reform them with hugs and milk and cookies. Every serial killer starts out killing small animals and works their way up to killing humans. It is only a matter of when. They will always be monsters until they are put down.

  3. Cruelty to animals is one of the warning signs for future serial killers. Jeffrey Dahmer tortured animals as a child. So did, IIRC, Ted Bundy.

  4. I Googled for that video and the cat was just fine. In fact the video without the photoshopped Micheal Bay explosions was on That was not a snuff film darlin.

    On another note there really are too many sick people out there that don't deserve to breath air. Sure some of us laugh at photoshopped gifs of animals or people exploding Micheal Bay style. I know I do, but I am not a sociopath. I would never kill or torture an animal or person or want to watch anyone doing it because my brain knows the difference between fun and sickness.

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