Saturday, October 3, 2015


Who in the pluperfect hell dug all these holes – and I wish he would stop digging.
One of my favorite movies – a classic in black and white – is God’s Little Acre.  

In a way I identify with that movie, except instead of digging the holes, I have spent my life filling them in. 

I just had my septic tank pumped out and the kaka pumper man said that judging by the level in the tank I may need to replace my drain field in the near future: four or five grand.   

I have always looked down the road and believed I could see smooth riding ahead; but when I get there some son-of-a-bitch has filled the road with more holes.
I get a good income tax return and a cap falls off a tooth…   It seems there is always something to keep my head just above water level.

I have rolled past the hump of my seventh decade but unlike Tietie l don’t have the undying confidence that there is gold at the bottom of the next hole.  

Don’t get me fucking wrong.   I am a fortunate person and I know it.   I am in good health for my age; I have had great adventures; I am married to a beautiful young wife; I live in rural Maine in an area I love; I can still ride my scoot; I have two Maine Coon Cats and a bottle of John Jameson whiskey on the cupboard. 

But son-of-a-bitch, it would be nice if Tietie would quit digging holes.

Maybe I need to catch me an albino – and make him look through the ground and tell me the drain field is all right.

the Ol’Buzzard

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