Sunday, October 18, 2015


This has been the most beautiful fall I can remember here in western Maine.   The colors have been vivid with startling shades from brilliant red to brightest gold. 

But now the color has peaked and passed; our world has shifted to gold and yellows with bare branches beginning to show as the wind takes the leaves. 

The green is copper beach, it will turn late to a brassy copper.

I can truly say that fall has passed and the first indications of winter are settling in.   Today the high temperature was 41 degrees and snow has been predicted for the higher elevations.

This is the Maine I love: a place of four seasons; and the fall and winter are my favorite.

October 17th 2015 

the Ol’Buzzard 


  1. Our leaves are past their peak too but I hope snow holds off for awhile. Our temperature's been great and I hope that persists!

  2. one of my bestest friends lives in Portland Maine and he thinks it's heaven.
    on the other's going to be in mid 80's here..but the nights and mornings are 60' it's all good.

  3. Only a few leaves left here, too. Snow buntings have been have been in the area for a week or so and the white stuff will come. El Nino should keep us pretty mild, though.

  4. There is a magic in turned leaves that I find hard to resist.


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