Monday, June 8, 2015



I'm so old I remember ice boxes.  
When I lived in Kentucky the ice delivery man would come about every three or four days and deliver ice in 25 or 50 pound blocks

I'm so old that I remember car air conditioning before air conditioners. 
You added water and the ram air from the forward motion of the car would cool the air and vent it into the car through the passenger window.

I'm so old I remember soft drinks available only in bottles.

 I'm so old I remember bottle openers.

I'm so old I remember cold water bath soft drink dispensers.

I'm so old I remember telephones before dial phones.
My grandmother and grandfather separated and he had one of these phones in his hotel room.  The town I lived in in Mississippi had no dial service and was answered by an operator when you picked up the receiver - ours was a standard type phone but without the dial.

I'm so old I remember cars with back doors that opened backwards.  A real danger if a kid or someone opened the door while in forward motion.

I'm so old I remember kerosene cook stoves.   
You poured kerosene in a glass jar that was then turned upside down and placed in the receiver box sticking out from the stove, and then lit the burner with a match in order to cook - yes they smelled.

I'm so old I remember vacuum tube radios.

I'm so old I remember  black and white TV's with a twelve inch screen
The first TV I ever saw was at an uncle's house in Chicago about 1948.  It had a round screen about nine inches in diameter and all the pictures were fuzzy

I'm so old I remember collecting Straight Arrow Indian Cards in Nabisco Shredded Wheat.
I didn't like the cereal but I wanted the cards so I ate Shredded Wheat.

I'm so old that I remember radio before television was available.

I'm the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Jesus Christ, you ARE old, Ol' Buzzard! But having said that, I too remember soft drinks available only in glass bottles, cold water bath dispensers for soft drinks, and telephones before the rotary dial. And of course bottle openers -- or "church keys" as they were called when used to open beer. The rest of your items, however -- ALL BEFORE MY TIME, you geezer!

  2. Im so old, I had a blind date with Noah, we went on a boat ride.

  3. I guess I am a charter member of this oldie club. I remember every one of these. My grandparents had that very phone and they had what was called a "2 party line". That meant they shared the line with a neighbor. Some lines were "4 party lines", which must have been a ferking nightmare to use.

    Ice for our "ice box" was delivered by a horse-drawn wagon and the neighborhood kids would follow it around on hot summer days getting little chunks of ice off the rear, to suck on.

  4. Our first phone was a box on the wall with a crank. The operator wasn't in the next town, the operator was in the next county. When they finally ran phone lines out from town, we had 10 parties on a line.( 2 or 4 would have seemed like a private line!!) That phone was similar to a dial phone except it had a crank where the dial would be.

    Before we got a TV, there had to be a local station and that didn't happen until 1956.


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