Friday, December 6, 2013


 I turn on my computer – select Microsoft Word – and begin typing.   About half way through the document my hard drive starts to wherrrrr and a box pops up that tells me HIGH CPU USAGE BY GOOGLE CHROME.    Then the god damn thing locks up:  the hour glass appears - The hard drive continues to run and I can’t save, I can’t type and I can’t get out.  

I sit and wait; finally in frustration I try to bring up Explorer.   A blank page eventually appears and again I wait.   The hard drive continues to run; so I reach up and press down the ON button and do an emergency shut down.  


Three times in the past I have deleted Google Chrome from my computer, but I eventually re-install it because Chrome works better on my blog…and I like their search engine.

My computer is a seven years old HP and running FX.   It is probably time to replace it but I keep asking myself - on my fixed income can I justify spending four or five hundred dollars for something that is more of a want than a need?   
the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Had that problem on my new laptop until I replaced the Norton security with AVG. Norton is teh ebbil. Haven't had a single pop-up about cpu usage since, and prior to ditching Norton, EVERYTHING required a high cpu usage pop-up. Don't know if that's your problem, but...

  2. Could be a virus.

    Also, Sherry is right about Norton and I too replaced it with AVG (the FREE version. However, my bet is on the virus.

  3. I too have been having problems with Google, but it's mostly about things like signing into my blog. Sometimes when I go to sign in I get a page that wants me to set up a new profile either for my blog or Google+. Where I think I fucked up is I decided to play around with Google+ and now I have two Google+ accounts. I would like to get rid of one or both, but am afraid I'll lose everything including my blogs. The rest of the Google shit I wouldn't mind getting rid of, but I would like to keep my blogs after working on them for over 5 years.

    Also a little while ago I went to leave a comment on Squatlo's blog and even tho I was signed into my blog I had to sign in again after I clicked on "Publish Comment". Weird!!

    I never had the problem you describe when I was running Norton that I got thru Comcast when we had internet with them. After we no longer had Comcast I got AVG. Now I'm running Webroot virus protection. Altho, maybe I should look to see if there are any remnants of the other virus protection systems left on my confuser.

  4. I use chrome, but I always have to do software updates with it to get it to play nice...I use Firefox for a lot of reasons now. I like the organization and their stand on internet security and blog format is blogger and it seems to work very nicely with Firefox. I have a 3 year old imac that I try to keep pretty clean and up to date. My wife has an 8 year old mac powerbook and it's a big problem for me to get it to run efficiently....It's hard to get upgrades for the software. Google and Blogger seem to be having a lot of system glitches lately, so the problems may not be you...I live way out in the middle of nowhere and have to muddle my way through this tech stuff through osmosis....I have been a Mac person for years and I really like using Mackeeper for virus protection and easy upgrades and cleaning.


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