Saturday, August 5, 2017


I am obsessed with the wind
Of all natures children
Of all natures gods
It is the wind that awes me most

I can view the sunrise and sunset
And feel the sun's warmth on my skin,
I can appreciate the eerie light of a full moon
reflected on a snowbound world,
I can see and hear the tumbling water of a stream
And experience the pleasant serenity of a lake.

But it is the wind

I can welcome the soft touch of a snowflake
as it kisses my face,
And shiver as the rain soaks my clothes
and chills my frame,
I can hear thunder 
and startle at the streak of lightning ripping the sky.

But it is the wind that speaks to me.

I have bask at the fire that brings contentment
and warmth to my home,
And choked as my lungs fill with smoke 
as the forest burned away,
I have driven on the ice
on the Kuskokwim River.

But it is the wind

I have seen the northern light
blaze in the twenty-four-hour night,
I have felt the penetrating chill
of the cold at fifty below,
But it is the wind
the wind I remember most.

Huddled in my bed in a tiny log cabin
In the darkness of the never ending Arctic night
While the wind outside, unrelenting, warned me
‘You do not belong here.  This is my world.  I rule here.  Hear me and quake.’

It is the wind
The relentless wind that keeps me awake tonight.

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. What a beautiful poem. Who wrote it? While I was reading, it reminded me of so many times I would listen to the wind in Cloudcroft N.M. at night. It would rush through the pines and sound like the crashing waves on the beach of Makaha Hawaii back in the mid 1960's before it was all built up like today. My brothers and I would sneak out at night from the house with blankets, cross the never busy highway and sleep on the beach watching the stars and listening to the waves. So now everytime I hear the wind, I go outside and wish it was the waves on the beach.

  2. beautiful poem written by someone that has never lived in Texas and spent August here..with hot winds of 108 roasting you alive...


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